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App browsing is back, Homey Developer Awards and gift guide

Browsing the Homey App Store

Looking for an app that you forgot the name of? Or are you in need of some inspiration? Browsing the Homey App Store is back! 

The Homey App Store is part of the Homey website and your 'number 1 go-to' when it comes to installing apps, devices and services. Now it's even more fun and easy to make it your home with products you want and need.


Homey Developer Awards

Homey has always thrived because of the active developer community. Those are the people that make your devices work, so we all owe them a great deal.

We’ve created the Homey Developer Award as our token of gratitude for the hard work of our Homey community developers. It's a piece of art that reminds the developer of their contributions — literally. The glowing rainbow ring lights up white every time someone installs one of their apps. Pretty cool, right? 


Let it Flow, let it Flow, let it Flow..

Christmas! The best time to spend some time at home with your loved ones. 

Now you have some vacation days, use them well and use your creativity to make some unique Flows. :) Or, are you in need of some last-minute gift inspiration? Our gift guide with Homey-compatible devices to extend your home has you covered. Happy holidays and see you next year!

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