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The story of community developer Ralf + new YouTube video series

The story of Ralf van Dooren

We’re thankful that so many people in our community are taking the time to create apps for Homey.

As a token of gratitude for the hard work, we've created the Homey Developer Award. And because his apps CountDown, Honeywell Evohome, Everspring etc.) have just recently totaled more than 10,000 active installs, our community developer Ralf received one. 


Short and sweet snackable videos

This is Alex. He's here to help with some tips, tricks, and how-tos - straight from the Athom office.

To highlight some new features and show how to use Homey to the fullest, we're busy creating new videos' for our YouTube Channel. Subscribe if you never want to miss one.

In the first video, Alex will dive deeper into discovering devices through your Wi-Fi.

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