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Homey Stories, Siri Shortcuts & 2FA

Siri Shortcuts

It's now possible for our iOS users to start a Flow from a Siri Shortcut.

Need some inspiration? Why not open your curtains when your iPhone alarm goes off?

Feeling adventurous? Place an NFC tag close to your front door, and unlock your smart lock when your iPhone touches the tag.


Homey Stories

We visited & filmed Rogier, a Data Analyst and Homey enthousiast from The Netherlands.

Rogier is working with data everyday. For his job at a telecom company, his own two businesses and even his apartment in the center of Utrecht. Almost everything in his home is connected to Homey.


Two-Factor Authentication

We take security very serious. That's why you can now protect your Homey account with two-factor authentication (2FA).

After enabling 2FA, you'll be asked to enter a six-digit code from your phone when you log in.


Highlighted Apps

Let's see what has been published to the Homey App Store lately.


Motion Blinds

Motion Blinds is a ground-breaking window covering automation solution that makes motorized blinds available to everyone.

The blinds are super easy to install and can be operated from anywhere, in any way.


EasyAccess AS is an innovative Norwegian company, a leader in biometric and electronic locking and security systems.

The EasyCode is a stylish door lock with touch display and RFID key fobs.

Kia & Hyundai

Connect your Kia or Hyundai car to Homey and monitor & control your car.

Our favorite Flow? Defrosting our car automatically when we wake up between Mon—Fri.

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