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Discover Tags, Logic & Homey Energy

Hey there! 👋🏻

Did you already know Homey has these things called Tags, you can use in Flows?
Or have you already found Homey Energy's list of all your battery devices?

Some time ago we've started creating videos to explain everything Homey can do. So far, we've heard that they've been very helpful to get more out of your smart home. Go watch 'em! 🍿

Learn how Tags & Logic works

Creating Flows is easy, but what if you want more?

Then there is a whole world to discover of Tags & Logic! Watch the video and level-up your Flow skills today.


Homey Energy

Did you know Homey has list of all your battery devices, that tells you when they're empty?

Homey Energy helps you gain insight in your home's energy usage. And maybe even save some money.

Discover what Homey Energy can mean for you in this video.

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