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Control your home in less than a second with Homey app widgets

Homey app widgets

One-tap access to your favorite Flows

Today we introduce Homey app widgets, a brand new feature of Homey v4.1.1. This free software update starts rolling out to all Homey users today.

Imagine crawling into bed and … shoot! You forgot to turn off the lights in the kitchen. No worries. With just a tap you can now quickly turn all your devices off by activating your ‘Devices off’-Flow. Homey app widgets give you quick access to your favorite Flows, directly from the home screen on your phone. 

Homey app widgets

We are currently working from home 

With the global spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, it’s important that we reach out, connect and keep working. As the coronavirus continues, we’ll also be working from home for the next few weeks.

But, being a productive remote worker requires discipline. Here are some tips and Flows from our co-workers for leading a better and more productive remote-working life. Stay safe. Keep connected with your colleagues and keep an eye on each other. We got this! 💪

Working home
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