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Sunday tips to get more out of your Homey

Learn how Zone Activity works

When you want to combine Motion Sensors and Lights, you definitely want to use Homey's Zone Activity.

Watch the new video to learn how to set-up Zone Activity in your home. It's easy and fun!


Homey Reviews: Nanoleaf Shapes

What has six edges, sixteen million colors and unlimited expansion capabilities?

Because we believe it's our job to keep you updated about everything smart home, we've reviewed the new Hexagons.

These are the first of the Nanoleaf Shapes series. Check it out and see if these can make your life brighter.

Note: our reviews are not sponsored!


The best Smart Thermostat in 2020

Maybe 2020 wasn't the year you wanted it to be, and it's only getting colder outside. Time to buy a smart thermostat!

We've taken the time to compare smart thermostats for you. Nest, Netatmo, Honeywell, Tado, Anna, Nefit and Toon are part of the comparison.

Read the blog if you got curious which is the best thermostat for your home.

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