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Tim's Story

We've visited Tim, the artist that can create anything with his bare hands.

Tim builds our beautiful in-store displays, so we decided to visit his house. If there's anyone who can make beautiful things, it's him.

He's just getting started with Homey, so this article is especially fun to read if you are planning to remodel your own home.


All I want for Christmas is... Twinkly 🎄

Christmas is that time of year where the outside is cold and your home feels warm.

But whether white lights in your Christmas tree is a smart choice? C'mon, it's 2020, we can do better!

Twinkly is a smart LED light string for your Christmas tree that can change color in various patterns.

But the true killer usecase... once you've connected your Christmas tree to Homey, you can officially say you've seen it all.


Five Flows To Impress

We've asked the Homey team what their favourite Flows are.

It was a tough job, but we've created a Top 5. Nothing complicated, just some inspiration for your home.

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