Monthly Newsletter – April 2019
Blog Posts from Economic Matters
Analysis of Fiscal Therapy: Conventional and Dynamic Estimates

PWBM projects that the proposals in Fiscal Therapy by William Gale would reduce the debt to-GDP ratio from 188 percent to 17 percent in 2050 and increase long-run economic output by 7 percent.
Gig Economy Workers Face Tax Hurdles

Richard Prisinzano, senior economist at PWBM, and Christine Speidel of Villanova University’s Federal Tax Clinic, discussed personal taxes, focusing on gig economy workers, on Knowledge@Wharton Business Radio Sirius XM 132 on April 12, 2019.
Upcoming PWBM Events
National Federation of Municipal Analysts - 36th Annual Conference

PWBM’s Richard Prisinzano will speak at a session titled, Millionaire Migration or Mearly a Mirage?
PCaMs: Brandon M. Pizzola - Carbon Regulations vs. a Carbon Tax: A Comparison of the Macroeconomic Impacts

Brandon Pizzola, Senior Manager with EY Quantitative Economics and Statistics, will present on Carbon Regulations vs. a Carbon Tax: A Comparison of the Macroeconomic Impacts as part of PWBM's Computational and Macroeconomics Semiars (PCaMS).
Social Security Advisory Board - Informing Policy: A Review of Social Security's MINT Microsimulation Model

Modeling Income in the Near Term (MINT) helps policymakers understand the effects of changes to benefits and payroll taxes. On May 30, 2019, the Social Security Advisory Board will host a policy forum to review the MINT model.  PWBM’s Jagadeesh Gokhale will speak.
Recent PWBM Events
PCaMS: Robert A. Nathenson - College Savings Behavior of 529 Account Holders: Initial Findings from a Partnership with the Pennsylvania Treasury Department

Robert A. Nathenson, Quantitative Education Researcher and Health Economist at the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, gave the presentation College Savings Behavior of 529 Account Holders: Initial Findings from a Partnership with the Pennsylvania Treasury Department.
A Conversation with Alan Greenspan: Appraising the Future

PWBM hosted a conversation with Alan Greenspan moderated by Kent Smetters. A recording of the event is posted on the event page linked above.
PCaMS: Oren Levintal - Safe Assets

Oren Levintal, Assistant Professor at the Tiomkin School of Economics at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, presented the paper Safe Assets.
2019 Annual Report

Our nation, in numbers. Big things happened in 2018: Following the data will reveal the impact in the coming years.

The U.S. Government 10-K: A comprehensive report on the state of our nation

The third edition of the USAFacts United States Governments 10-K, which reports on the state of our nation.

US Census: What's new in 2020?

USAFacts gives the history of the decennial census survey and everything you need to know to participate in 2020.
Representative Media Mentions
4/25/19 - Brookings
Estimating the impact of Fiscal Therapy proposals

4/16/19 - Knowledge@Wharton
Alan Greenspan: Can the U.S. Economy Stay on Top?

4/15/19 - CNN
4 ways Trump's tax cuts changed the American economy

4/12/19 - The Inquirer
At Wharton, ex-Fed boss Alan Greenspan, 93, urges more immigration and less Social Security, and tells why China still trails

4/6/19 - The Washington Post
Some Republican economists are opposed to Stephen Moore’s Fed nomination. More should be.
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