EPIC Adventures -
The Beginning

I get asked all the time about how EPIC Adventures got their start.  It was Karen Kindrick Cox who coined the term EPIC and created the first EPIC Adventures.  She was a homeschooling mother, looking for ways to inspire her children and provide them with an education worthy of their precious time.  These are her words:

"Early on a dear friend told me about Susan Kovalik and her work with teaching children, teachers and administrators.  I sought her out and learned how to create brain compatible, year-long learning adventures.  My sister Cynthia and I loved it from the start.  Our encounter with Susan changed our homeschools (and our lives!) dramatically and brought magic and memories to our years.

Before long we were Associates with Susan Kovalik and Associates, presenting and helping to train public and private school teachers and administrators in the Integrated Thematic Instruction model during the summer week-long trainings and Advanced Curriculum Writing Workshops. 

In time I developed the EPIC pattern and blueprint, and crowned our year-long learning adventures EPIC Adventures."

"We always felt there was something better and more enjoyable for all of us than the dull rituals commonly associated with school."

Solar Eclipse

In August of 2017, I made a life-changing decision.  Instead of staying home to watch a partial solar eclipse, I made a last-minute decision to take my family and make the trek to Rexburg, Idaho to see the total eclipse of the sun.
"For a truly enriched environment, we need to begin to supply our children first with the real experiences from which they can make connections and form patterns as they move into more symbolic and second-hand forms of information."  Karen Kindrick Cox
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Write Your Own Adventure!
Do you have an idea for an adventure you'd like to take your children on, but don't see one already written?  Write your own adventure!  Personalize it to your family's needs.  Take your children to the lands of your ancestors or to ancient ruins. Discover how and why things work, then create your own masterpieces.  Study great and noble people, thoughts, and ideas.  Everything you need to know in order to write your own adventures is included in this book.

“Being There” Experiences

A “being there” experience actually involves ALL of your senses, not just one, two, or three. By activating all of your senses, you hard-wire the experience into your long-term memory. The next time you are exposed to something you learned through a “being there” experience, you can recall it in vivid detail.

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Upcoming events

We will be participating in the LDSHE Homeschool Conference in Logan, Utah on May 30 - Jun 1.  Stop by and visit by our booth at the vendor hall.  You can see our curriculum and talk with us!  We will also be presenting at the following days/times:

Thursday, 9:45 am - What Ignites True Learning?
Thursday 1:45 pm - Product Presentation:  How to Write an EPIC Adventure
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