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Thank You For Your Patience!

First let us start by extending massive hugs to you, our fans, for all the love and success we've received with the releases of Paper Princess and Broken Prince - as of Aug 17th they were BOTH still on the New York Times Bestsellers List and we could not do it without all the buzz you guys have been generating so THANK YOU!!

The second bit of exciting news we have to share with you today is we are happy to announce signed copies of Paper Princess & Broken Prince are now available for purchase via our website! Erin is signed by Jen and Watt is signed by Elle. Due to the fact we signed them while we were together in New York, these books are of limited quantity and are unable to be personalized.

We have also been receiving quite a few questions as to when pre-orders for Twisted Palace will be available for Kindle readers.  Right now you can sign up to receive the Amazon link in your inbox the moment it goes live.

Lastly, by much request, we present to you a deleted scene from Broken Prince as a little thank you for all that you guys have done.

Much love,
Erin Watt

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Super special thank you to @TheCrazyWorldofaBookLover for these great teasers!!


Practice is brutal, but I’m okay with that. I deliver hit after hit to the O-line, and they deliver hard blows right back. During one drill I even put Liam Hunter on his ass. He’s usually a lot harder to get your hands on. The guy is built like a tank, yet he’s light on his feet and slippery as an eel.

When we file into the locker room after the whistle blows, Wade pulls me aside before I can hit the showers. “Head’s up,” he says in a low voice. “Hunter’s got a date with your girl tonight.”

The blood in my veins turns to ice. “Where’d you hear that?”

“From the devil himself.” Wade suddenly lunges forward and latches a big hand on my arm. “Easy, tiger.”

I hadn’t even realized I was charging toward the shower area. My vision is blinded by a red mist, and every cell in my body screams for me to pound Hunter until he’s a pile of bloody flesh on the floor. That bastard isn’t getting anywhere near Ella. I’ll kill him first.

“Chill,” Wade urges.

He nods toward the doorway, and I follow his gaze, freezing when I notice Coach standing there talking to our defensive coordinator. Both men glance our way and frown.

I suck in a breath and force myself to calm down, because murdering a teammate while he’s soaping up his dick won’t go over well with Coach. “What’d he say,” I grind out.

“I heard him tell Blackwood he’s taking her to the movies tonight.”

Ella hadn’t said a word about going out with Hunter. I wonder when she agreed to the date. Was it before or after we kissed in her bedroom? Does it even matter? There’s no way in hell I’m letting this happen.

Wade must have read my mind, because he rolls his eyes at me. “You’re playing this all wrong, dude.”

I take another breath. “How do you figure?”

“You go after Hunter, and you’re the crazy maniac who can’t control his temper. You’re the jealous asshole.” Wade shrugs, releasing my arm so he can peel his practice jersey off his sweaty chest. He tosses it into a nearby hamper and says, “Way I see it, you need to turn the tables on your girl.”

I’m intrigued. “Meaning what?”

“She still wants you, right? I mean, she’s acting like she doesn’t, because she’s pissed at you for whatever reason, but you think she still wants to bone down?”

I think about the desperate way she kissed me back the other night—before she burst into tears, anyway—and nod slowly.

“Then stop being the jealous idiot and make her jealous.” Wade kicks away his pants and grins at me. “Trust me, chicks can’t handle jealousy. They’re worse than guys when it comes to that stuff. Your girl thinks you’re into someone else, she’ll freak the fuck out. Claws’ll come out, and she’ll come running back to you.”

No. Ella already hates me for my past with Brooke. She’s not going to magically climb into bed because I’m macking on another girl. Plus, I already told her I wasn’t going to pursue anyone but her.

On the other hand, if I make a move against Hunter, it’ll drive her right into his arms, whether she’s into him or not. She’ll do it to spite me.

“Trust me,” Wade says again, and then he and his bare ass disappear through the steam-filled doorway, leaving me with a real fucking dilemma and no solution.

I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

I strip off my sweaty gear and follow Wade to the showers, just as Hunter is walking out with a towel wrapped around his waist. Our eyes meet briefly, and somehow I don’t swing my fist at his jaw. I think he knows how close I am to doing it, though, because his lips quirk wryly as he brushes past me.

I mull over Wade’s make-Ella-jealous idea as I wash the morning’s sweat off and then throw on my Astor Park uniform. I leave my shirt untucked and my blazer unbuttoned, and exit the locker room with Wade at my side. He’s babbling about some party he’s going to this weekend, but I’m not listening. I’m too busy scanning the hallway because I’m thinking that the lesser of two evils here is picking some random chick and taking her along with me as I stalk Ella. It’s only marginally less creepy.

My eyes rest on Jordan Carrington, who’s checking her reflection in the mirror in her locker. Pass. I’d rather slit my wrists than hang out with the girl who made Ella’s first few weeks at Astor a living nightmare.

I inspect a trio of girls at the end of the hall. “Hold up,” I tell Wade.

He follows my gaze and grins. “Be quick. If I’m late for psych again they’ll report it to Coach.”

“I only need a second.” I slap him on the arm and march across the polished floor. When I reach the girls, they all stop talking at once, surprise filling each of their faces. One gives a soft gasp.

I focus on the tall brunette in the low-riding jeans. “Carrie,” I say.

“Courtney,” she squeaks.

Whatever. “Text me your address. I’m picking you up at seven.”

Her mouth drops open. “W-what?”

“We’re going out.” I slant my head. “You cool with that?”

“Um…” Her gaze darts to her friends, then back at me. “Sure. That sounds…amazing.”

I nod and walk away.



I spend the rest of the morning stewing about Ella and Hunter’s date. If I’d known about it during practice, I would’ve broken his ankle. Too bad we don’t have shop at school. I could’ve accidentally on purpose driven a nail through his hand. Hard to go on a date when you’re in the emergency room.

During my last morning class, I entertain other ideas involving Hunter’s maiming and death, until finally deciding that I’m going at this the wrong way.  Liam Hunter is focused on only a few things: football, good grades, and getting his sister into Astor Park Prep. I can’t do much with the first two, but the last one is doable. The tuition here is steep, but I have enough money in my trust that I could pay his sister’s way without even noticing the dip in my account balance.

That’s a last resort option, though. Buying Hunter off might get him out of my hair, but if Ella found out she might gut me. Any move I make against Hunter has to be considered from Ella’s viewpoint. I can’t have it coming back to bite me in the ass later.

“Dude.” Wade finds me in the hall before lunch. “Courtney can’t stop talking about how you plucked her out of a sea of hopefuls.”

“Courtney?” I say blankly.

He rolls his eyes. “The chick you asked out this morning before first period?”

Wade’s reminder conjures up a vague image of brown hair and denim. “Right. My date.” I’ve been so focused on Hunter that I forgot I asked out some random as a way to horn in on Ella’s date.


After lunch, I find Courtney at my locker. Obviously she’s wasting no time in marking what she’d like to be her territory.

I’m going to have to nip this in the bud, quick.

She waits until I spin my locker combination before confronting me. “Did you ask me out because you wanted to make Ella Harper jealous?”

I pause with my hand on my World History textbook. For a split second I debate lying, but I figure that she might as well know the truth. If she breaks off the date, there are a hundred girls in this school who would take her place. We both know it.

“Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?”

She raises a hand to smooth down my already flat lapel. “No.”

Of course not. I’m the one she’s going to use to leverage up her popularity. She’s already set the gears in motion. Whatever. She can eat off that story as long as I get Ella back.

“Great. See you at seven.” I turn so her hand falls away from my blazer.

“Wait.” She grabs my arm.

“What?” I ask with impatience. This chick is way too handsy for my taste.

“Are you going to kiss me?”

“Right now?” She wants a PDA? For fuck’s sake. There’s got to be another girl around here that’s less hassle. I look around for another option.

“No, not right here,” she corrects hastily, as if she can sense that my eye is already wandering. “But tonight. At the end of the date.”

I raise one eyebrow. “You already know this isn’t a real date.”

She licks her lips nervously but doesn’t back down. “Maybe, but if I’m going to use this to my advantage, I want to be able to say you kissed me.”

“Say it then.” I’ll tell Ella the truth.

“No. It has to be true,” she insists.

“What’re you going to do? Instagram it?”

The guilty look that passes over her face pisses me off. If I felt bad about using her before, that moment has passed.

But hey, if she wants pictures, I can do a picture for her. “Sure. There can be one kiss tonight. I pick when and where.”

She flushes with excitement, bouncing a little on the balls of her feet. “I can’t wait.”

Because I’m trying not to lie anymore, I just leave.

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