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MAY 2016


We've Been Busy! 

Over the past several months we’ve been very busy. We’ve already made more than 1,200 photos of 270 bat species freely available to conservationists and educators worldwide. We’ve provided blogs and updates on the most serious current threats to bats, begun providing Bat Flashes empowering our Bat Fan members to take action and promptly express their views on bats to editors and decision makers, and provided reports from the field. Thanks to generous support from our Bat Fans and donors we’re also making outstanding progress on our Bat Scan Project.

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For more detailed information on our daily activities, make sure to check out our blog and follow us on social media.  You are part of our team and we want to make sure and include you! 

Bat Scan Project continues!

We are moving ahead with the Bat Scan Project. We have scanned, key worded, edited and captioned thousands more photos and are approaching the halfway mark. We still have quite a bit to go but are finding exciting new images every day! Thank you for your continued support, it is deeply appreciated. Check out the photo gallery for our new uploads. 

Teresa working on the Bat Scan Project!
Follow Merlin Tuttle through a tight squeeze!
Click this video
to climb inside a hollow tree and see what bats see...
Merlin Tuttle training a bat
Meet Malinda, our Bat "Concierge" in Trinidad..
click the video!

Good news: Ebola unlikely linked to bats!

Following years of headline speculation reporting bats to be the reservoir for Ebola, a review of current knowledge points elsewhere...

Pictured above are hundreds of thousands of Straw-colored fruit bats (Eidolon helvum) beginning their evening departure from a city park in Ivory Coast, Africa. Cities often provide the only homes safe from commercial hunters who sell them for people to eat. Despite such large numbers having lived in close association with humans throughout recorded history, they have not caused disease outbreaks. Their remarkable safety record casts grave doubt on recent speculation of their being dangerous carriers of disease. Click the link above to read more.

Expedition to Trinidad!

We teamed up with local bat group, Trinibats, in Trindad and made wonderful discoveries of bat roosts, notably of two new Spectral bat roosts. Merlin took lots of action shots and portraits, including 26 species which are now available on our website for you to download and share. Our Digital and Social Media Coordinator, Teresa, wrote about her first field experiences with Merlin, sharing what it was like to radio track and search for bat roosts, squeeze into tight crevices and properly handle bats for the first time. 

White Nose Syndrome Update!

Over the past year we’ve received numerous inquiries about the devastating impact of white-nose syndrome (WNS) and potential cures. Merlin is now convinced that the most important help we can provide is to leave hibernating bats strictly alone, improving the odds of survival for the most genetically resistant individuals who appear already to have begun the rebuilding process. Click here to read more..

Bat Flash

We emailed Merlin’s response to a story that perpetuated harmful misrepresentations of bats as dangerous sources of dread diseases...Click here to read Merlin's correspondence with the editor who thanked our Bat Fans, revised the story and has invited his assistance in providing better information for a possible future article.

Help Us. Help Bats. Help You. were here first!  We now have over 500 Bat Fans on the team and we're growing every day!  Our goal is to reach 2000 Bat Fans by New Year's Eve.  The bigger we are, the more power and influence we have to help our furry, little friends.  Please tell your friends about us and invite them to join!  


Read Merlin's book review of Bats and Viruses!

Bat Girl takes Grand Champion in Science Fair!

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