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Already an exciting year...

We're happy to announce that, thanks to a generous gift from Sharon and Joe Goldston, we will begin work this spring testing a new bat condo design that can accommodate thousands of bats each. The goal is to produce an expandable roost, ideal for parks, nature centers and organic farmers. We will be partnering with Steve Barlow at Wildlife Integration on an improved design, one that permits users to start with a free-standing unit capable of sheltering 3,500 or more bats, with the option of expanding the roost by three additional modules, each capable of housing a similar number of bats. The first test sites will be located on a variety of agricultural lands in Florida and Panama.
Three Bat Flashes have been issued so far in 2017. One was sent in support for Australian flying foxes, the second to counter unbalanced reporting from National Public Radio, and the third to congratulate Anthropocene on its coverage of inadequate efforts to curb growing bat kills at wind turbines. We deeply appreciate the hundreds of Bat Fans who have responded. 

You're definitely making a difference for bats!

As Bat Scan Project continues,
newly added photos and information expand our support for bat conservation worldwide. 

NEW video: Citizen Scientists: In Search of Bats
Read Merlin's article, "Give Bats a Break," in the Spring 2017 edition of Issues in Science and Technology. This report is based on Merlin's review of thousands of scientific papers and popular media stories. And it is the first to expose how sensational speculation is fostering bad science in a self-perpetuating cycle of misdirected public health funding that threatens the future of bats. This is an issue that we cannot ignore.
In the first quarter of 2017, we've provided seven new resource documents. These are the most thoroughly researched and up-to-date documents of their kind, providing information essential to all who care about bats.    

Wind Industry Neglecting Bats 

Wind Energy: Key Planning Issues

Bats and Parasites

Rabies in Perspective

Restoring WNS-Depleted Bats

How Merlin Photographs Bats

Winter Disturbance Harms Hibernating Bats
Alternative ways to contribute to bat conservation: 

Exclusive and adorable bat artwork by Jesse Labbe, all proceeds go directly to support bats.

MTBC is now on
AmazonSmile! Please consider bats while you do your online shopping, all proceeds go directly to support bat conservation.
Our deepest appreciation to all who generously support our work.
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