I Love being a Dad...

Last week was the date on the calendar that I anticipate and told everyone about and it will be the event I will talk about the remainder of the year! Our Annual Meisner Men Outing. This is our second year and I just wanted to share it with you. We backpacked Zion National Park in Utah for 4 nights and 5 days. It's a thrill beyond words. Hope you enjoy these pics... 



40 plus miles.
Surprising diversity of terrain.
Hot... really HOT.
Camp stove cooking.
Drinking from a spring.
What more could you ask for?!

Here a few of my top reasons for loving being a Dad...

7. It’s a License to be silly and play again. As you can see my kids keep me active! Don’t allow the pressures of the day to day to squeeze the joy out of you. If it’s happened you my be taking yourself too seriously?

6. Being a Father softens your heart and opens your life. It’s that simple.

5. You know what it means to love someone more than yourself. And I believe this is a vital, transformational experience in life.

4. Dinner Times. Through the years and seasons of their lives things have changed so much. From flying food on the end of a spoon to looking deep into their eyes and hearing about their day.

3. Writing their adventures. I get to influence my children to help them navigate through life with its many adventures. What an privilege. 

2. I love my wife more each year! Seeing her with the kids, I fall in love with her in a whole new way. I love the way she loves.

1. Hugs. Plain and simple, I love their hugs!

I love being a Dad. 

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