Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society News

Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society News

August to December 2015

Welcome Note

Message from the Secretary-General of Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent, Sheihk Kadir
Dear friends, colleagues and partners
With the end of the year already upon us, it is with great pleasure that I share with you our first ever e-newsletter.
Since our last update in July, we have undertaken many different activities, from first aid training with bikers, to blood drives and car boot sales. Our dedicated volunteers have also taken part in a number of workshops to improve their skills and experience in health and safety, social media and communications.
We are pleased to share these with you and I invite you to reply with any comments or requests for further information.
Please also join us on Facebook to keep-up-to-date and stay connected with us: BruneiDarussalamRedCrescentSociety We are also now on Twitter @BRedcrescent
With best regards
Sheihk Kadir

Updates from Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society

Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent joins disaster simulation with Government
Drills and simulations which practice responding to a disaster help prepare responders and save lives. On October 6 Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent joined the government disaster management agency, National Disaster Management Committee, in conducting a simulated response to a plane crash.  Officers provided first aid and counted and helped casualties. Click here to read more.
Bikers get together with the Red Crescent to learn first aid and to save lives
Skills in First Aid are key to providing reducing serious injuries and improve the chances of survival. In Bandar Seri Begawan last month, 100 bikers of different clubs from across the country gathered together to learn CPR and basic first aid skills from Red Crescent volunteers. First Aid training is at the heart of Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent’s work. Enquiries may be made here.
Bruneian youth learning to become agents for behavioural change
Youth are truly the leaders of the future. To help them realise their potential, Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent and IFRC hosted a special camp from September 3-8, inviting experienced facilitators from Singapore Red Cross and the Egyptian Red Crescent. Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent is the fifth National Society in the Asia-Pacific Region to organise the programme. Click here to read more.
Social media for social good: Using Facebook and Twitter to better communicate our work

Social media has changed the way we communicate and conduct our work. On November 13, the heads of the Red Crescent’s programme areas, including youth, first aid and disaster management, attended an IFRC  workshop on using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to share news, but also engage with communities and educate Bruneians in preparedness.
Click here to see photos.
Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent and Jerudong Park Medical Centre collect donor blood

On November 15 Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society and Jerudong Park Medical Centre held a blood drive in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. Our Head of Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change, Abdul Muntaqim Isa, highlighted to The Brunei Times the importance of blood banks of any health institution to manage their supplies. Click here to read more.
HADRT Induction Course taking place 16-20 December 2015
An induction training course for the specialised Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response Team will be conducted this month. Preparedness remains at the core of our work. Click here for more information.
Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent launch new Twitter account

In addition to the official Facebook page, we have recently launched a new Twitter account to share our news and communicate with our supporters. Please join us by following us and tweeting your feedback! Click here to follow us @BRedcrescent

Other News from the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement

International Conference brings together parties to the Geneva Conventions and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

From 8-10 December,  The Conference provides a non-political forum for dialogue on humanitarian issues and is is conducted in accordance with the seven Fundamental Principles of the Movement – humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.

Click here to read more
IFRC President Tadateru Konoé gives keynote address at International Conference
Read the keynote address, titled, “The humanitarian imperative comes first" at the International Conference website. At the heart of the speech, the Fundamental Principles of the Movement, the importance of strong partnerships with States, the need to tackle disaster resilience and ultimately, the centrality of the communities we serve.
Click here to read more
Movement unites behind 16 Days of Activism

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign that started in 1991. The IFRC takes part to raise awareness on this critical issue. Sexual and gender-based violence is one of the key themes of this year’s International Conference.

Click here to read more

Featured Video

Moving on from Typhoon Haiyan: reflections from a Red Cross volunteer

Elena Fuliga is a Philippine Red Cross volunteer. She also lost her home and livelihood when Typhoon Haiyan hit in early November 2013. Today, Elena and her family are still recovering; their life is slowly getting back to normal. For Elena, an important part of moving forward means never having to re-live the experience of Haiyan again. So she decided to expand her skills as a Red Cross volunteer by training on disaster risk reduction, hazard mapping and first aid. Now whenever a storm approaches, Elena visits each home in her community, in order to warn the residents, and make sure they have ample supplies of food and water. Click on the film above to listen to Elena's testimony.


Coming up in 2016

January 14-31  Cadet enrolment period in schools
February 23      National Day Parade (cadets to take part)
March-April       School holidays: BDRC will host youth camps and workshops
April 23             Interschool bowling tournament
April 13-14        First Aid and CPR training for students and teachers
April 18-30        Cadets selected for promotion
May 8               World Red Cross Red Crescent Day (announcement of cadet promotions)
June 2              Pre-Ramadan activities (inc. community service at special needs centre)
June 14            Blood Donation Day (roadshow and blood drive)
June 25            Cleaning campaign
July                  Royal Highness Day Parade (BDRC will join)
September 12 World First Aid Day (First Aid for Bikers & blood donation drive)
October 13      International day for Disaster Reduction (roadshow is planned)