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Jeremy Clark shares "Becoming a Social Developer" at Live! 360.
In November, Jeremy Clark had a chance to share his experiences at the Live! 360 conference in Orlando, FL.

"Over the next several days of the conference, I had 25 people come up to talk about this. For me, this reinforces the importance of this topic in the development world. I'm glad that I've been able to encourage people to try something new."

A Success Story

Jeremy received the following email from a Live! 360 attendee later in the week. The sender has asked to remain anonymous but is glad to have us share his story.

"I just wanted to tell you that your brief talk during the keynote struck a chord with me.  You talked about your experiences in the past regarding conferences and talking to other people.  I haven't been to a tech conference in about 5 years but I was exactly the same way.  After listening to you I decided that I would at least attempt to talk to some people during this conference.  

"Well during lunch on Tuesday I eventually said something to someone at the table regarding a session we were both in.  That conversation didn't really go anywhere but the guy sitting next to me jumped in on the subject and we got to talking quite a bit and then guy on the other side of me jumped in as well and before I knew it I was learning all sorts of things.  It was pretty awesome and made me want to talk to more people to get their opinions on topics.  Over the next couple days I made a point to talk to more people during breaks and lunch and had some great conversations.  Thanks to your speech,  this conference turned out to be even better than I expected.  Now I'm already looking into going to my local .NET users group meetings when I get back home!

"I also went to both of your sessions... I stayed after both sessions just to listen to the great conversations going on with you and even asked a couple questions.  In the past, I would have left the room immediately after the session was over."

Courage to Continue

We aren't always successful the first time. Fortunately, we can find the courage to keep going. Here's a comment from YouTube:

"I have been at DevIntersection for 2 days and haven't talked to anybody. I'm going to try that tomorrow, thanks for the tip/challenge :)"

And an update a bit later:

"Hi, I forgot to reply after the conference. I did try to talk to several people, just one attempt was successful, but I do feel more confident now. I guess the more I keep trying in next conferences the easier it will become."

It's great to see that we can get the confidence to keep trying, even if we aren't completely successful the first time. You can read the comments directly here:

Have you been successful as a social developer? If so, share your story with us. We'd love to hear any encouragement you can give to other developers.
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