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This time, Jeremy goes to NDC Oslo, Daniel shares his conference experiences, and Derek puts words into pictures.

Jeremy Goes to Oslo

In June, Jeremy Clark had a chance to share a full hour at NDC Oslo, one of the premier developer conferences in Europe. Here are some of Jeremy's thoughts:

"I was a bit apprehensive about giving an hour long presentation at a conference. But I'm extremely happy with how things turned out. The turnout was was a good, the audience was engaged (with several people live-tweeting), and the response was great.

"The best part is that I talked to several people throughout the week who were putting the tips from the talk into action. And I was really excited to hear from Daniel on the last day of the conference:"

Daniel shares a bit more about his experience below.

You can read more about the presentation and results on Jeremy's blog: "Becoming a Social Developer" at NDC Oslo.

Jeremy's Presentation on "Becoming a Social Developer" at NDC Oslo
Shared Experiences

In addition to the tweet above, Daniel Gaszewski (from Poland) shared more of his experiences from NDC Oslo and his thoughts on the presentation:

"To be honest I think you were talking about obvious things - but things which we (introvert developers) are not always directly aware of. Thanks god your session was first at the conference because it allows me (and, I guess, other participants also) to focus a little more on socializing and work on own attitude and behaviour.

"All sessions from the best conferences are mostly available via internet to watch and a lot of people claim that it is not worth to go at some conference because everything will be available on web. But the truth is we have an opportunity to meet and know each other during such events. It's the first time when I was a little more focus on that and it made my participation at this conference wonderful. It's the first event when I went to the speakers and share my thoughts about the session and discuss some issues. That was awesome!

"More difficult are breaks. It's easier to talk with speaker after the presentation (what's more, always couple of people from the audience doing the same so you don't look strange trying to reach a speaker :D), but not so easy if you are alone in the hall. I have a luck to participate at the conference with my wonderful friends, but some breaks we've spent apart. So I was trying to take advantage of that - sometimes I had small talks with strangers, sometimes I was too scared to talk with someone. So it's not so easy, but I was trying this first time so I didn't expect that this will be always easy and always successful. But I've met couple of peoples from other countries, I tried to talk in the queue, I was open when other people was trying to have small talks with me! I've met developers from Norway, from other towns in Poland, from UK, from Sweden. That was cool!

"It was great that you only wanted give us some tips and - a choice. You didn't force the people to do something, you didn't make some interactive workshop, you just sent a message - you can try it now or tomorrow or... never, it's up to you. I tried and I feel that I could develop myself thanks to this."

Many developers go through these same thoughts and struggles. A big step to getting comfortable talking to other developers is to understand that we're not alone. A big thanks to Daniel for sharing his experiences.
As a closing thought, Derek Graham put words into pictures by creating sketch notes of the talk from Live! 360 last November. 

Thanks Derek!
Have you been successful as a social developer? If so, share your story with us. We'd love to hear any encouragement you can give to other developers.
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