New killer app for your smart watch - hands free grocery shopping list

More and more grocery shoppers are abandoning pen and paper, as electronic lists are easy to share and keep up to date. But it gets even better, try grocery shopping with your smart watch. It's perfect for keeping your hands free when you're shopping and speeds up the proces - and minimises the risk of dropping your phone!

We have all tried it, being in the store with our piece of paper or smartphone and next up on the list is 5x milk. We either keep the list in one hand and single handedly move the bulky items into the basket - or stuff the list in our pocket and retrieve it afterwards and figure out where we got to. This is the problem we’re solving with Grosh, the intelligent grocery app.

With Grosh, short for GROcery SHopping app, anyone in the household can add items to the grocery list from the existing iOS, Android and web versions of Grosh. Items can be manually entered or just swiped onto the grocery list from the intelligent suggestions made by Grosh based on your household habits.

When going grocery shopping, Grosh is started on the watch, then just start finding the item at the top of the list (which is sorted according to the store layout) and tap the item to mark it as purchased. It’s incredibly easy and addictive - finally a real killer app for the smart watch!

Grosh is the first commercial grocery app that adds support for the first, original smart watch on the market, the Pebble smart watch. The watch app launches today and is the perfect companion to the normal Grosh smartphone app. 

“I have been using the Pebble for a couple of years, so it was natural for us to start with this watch. We have also started on developing support for other leading smart watch variants. Grosh for Apple Watch will be the next variant we launch” reports Søren Aldenryd, CEO of Grosh.

Grosh is available in 24 countries and 13 languages, so you can get your list on your local language right on your wrist!

Grosh can be download it from Google Play or Apple Appstore via this link: (or use the attached QR code)

To learn a bit about the background for Grosh, take a look at our explainer video:

Kind regards
Soren Aldenryd (founder and CEO of Grosh)
Skype soren.aldenryd
Twitter @saldenryd

PS Feel free to fetch our press kit that contains more hi-res photos, screenshots and the full story behind the app: 

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