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We're taking Lunar New Year and the arrival of the Year of the Ox,
as a cue to celebrate what's happening in the ZEB-Zone in Feb 2021
The Power of Planting

Are you aware that Byron Shire landowners can take tangible climate change action by drawing down carbon emissions through (a) native revegetation and (b) regenerative agriculture?

Transitioning your property from mowing and slashing - which emits carbon - to biodiverse and productive land uses - which draws down excess carbon and locks it into the soil - has multiple benefits. This will be demonstrated at the launch of the Replant Byron Alliance at an inspiring Myocum farm practising regenerative agriculture on 16 March.

The Replant Byron Alliance "...will collaborate for more impact to support all planting initiatives, and stakeholders, across Byron Shire," says RePlant coordinator, Wren McLean. "The aim is to increase, account for, and make more comprehensible, the significance of atmospheric carbon removal through native tree planting, vegetation management and regenerative agriculture."

The intention is to promote native revegetation as a tangible climate change action - and increase the demand for bush restoration services across the region. You'll be hearing more about what the Replant Byron Alliance gets up to In coming months. Or contact Wren for more info meanwhile.
Feb WINNERS of ZEB's 'Fight for Planet A and Win'!
This campaign continues to produce happy winners from locals, who are contributing their stories via our dedicated Facebook group.

New prizes for our 'FIGHT FOR PLANET A AND WIN' prize pool!

As prizes are chosen and removed from the Prize Pool, we are grateful to receive ongoing support from our local business community to replenish it. This month Macadamia Castle has donated a Day pass for 2 adults and 2 children valued at $90. Thanks guys!
We also have more books added to our selection of bonus prizes from Chris Sanderson: Oil & Honey by Bill McKibbin and The Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rivkin and Rooftop Revolution by Danny Kennedy.

Zero Emissions Byron ON THE STREET

Our 'Fight for Planet A and Win!' campaign is taking it to the streets in March.

Visit our stalls and ask the Enova Energy Coaches how you could save more energy. 
Enter our FFPA competition!

Pick up a fact sheet on actions you can take on Climate Change - and find out more about ZEB activities.

Come and have a chat with ZEB’s Community Engagement leader, Sasha Mainsbridge,
at the Byron Farmers Market on Thursday 11 March between 7-11am, and
outside the newsagent in Bangalow on
Saturday 13 March between 9-12pm.

Electric Bikes and Micromobility
Entering the EV MARKET earlier -  via e-bikes?
In our 7th EV Revolution webinar, happening from 6-7pm Tuesday 2 March,
we are pleased to welcome
Michelle Nazzari of Fonzarelli and Luke Young of Sunshine Cycles.

While the cost of the latest electric vehicles may be beyond the budgets of many, Michelle and Luke will discuss the benefits of more affordable e-motor bikes and e-bikes - and the emerging options of solar-powered bike hire.
Register now!
Energy Saving Tip of the Month

'Load Shifting' - and making the most of your solar
If you are fortunate enough to have a solar system - though they are generally set and forget, they do need cleaning once a year. Do it yourself if it’s safe, otherwise most window-cleaners will do it for you. Check for any shading and trim branches for maximum output. Read your inverter to check the output periodically, as there may be a fault.
Unless you are on a stand-alone system - even though you are being paid for excess power generated that is fed into the grid - it is so much more economically beneficial to you to use the power while it is being generated. This is called load shifting – timing your use to maximise the economic and environmental benefit. This involves ‘behind the meter’ use by the house before it is fed into the grid (or a battery). You can use the delay/timing functions on your appliances to spread the use while the sun is shining: line up a load of washing, set the dishwasher, cook a batch in the oven, charge your devices; but spread them so they are not pulling power at the same time.
Depending on the size of your system, you may be able to run one or several appliances, It is worth knowing what they draw.
Our local community-owned Enova Energy have good booklets on this. Click here to find them.

All this is much easier to do if you have a phone app to read your energy use in real time  - which comes with some solar systems or smart meters. Take the time to read and understand what your power bills can tell you. And don’t hesitate to ring your energy provider and ask questions about your options.
News from Byron Shire Council

Did you know that Byron Shire Council has committed to being carbon neutral by 2025?

Council is committed to doing its part in the fight against climate change. In addition to declaring a Climate Emergency in 2019, Council has implemented a number of emissions reduction projects including installing more than 600kW of solar across its assets and entering a carbon neutral electricity contract.
As a result, Council’s net emissions have reduced by 9,830 tC02e since 2016.
Many more exciting projects are in the works, including a potential 1.5MW bioenergy plant and a potential 5MW solar farm at Dingo Lane.
To find out more about Council’s approach to climate change and emissions reduction, click here. 

Image below:  Council’s current emissions profile for its operations

Byron Council's latest Mayoral car is an EV!

And it's an e-MG!
Any organisation that can add electric vehicles to its fleet, is not only lowering emission and making savings on running costs but also creating the path for more affordable second hand EVs for others when they get turned over.

More chances to TAP AND GO for RePlant Byron
You may have noticed the Zero Emissions Byron TAP & GO machines at The Farm in Byron Bay, and at William Street Cafe in Lennox. Now there's one at Old Quarter Coffee merchants in Ballina Industrial Estate.
That's Old Quarter's co-owner, Yosir Le Cerf, smiling away next to the ZEB Tap & Go Machine. (Yosir sources his ethical coffee directly from growers in Vietnam. Ask him all about it.)
The idea is when you pay for your coffee, you might like to add an extra $5 to go towards our RePlant Byron projects. 
Looking forward to an interesting Year (of the Ox) ahead,
Sasha Mainsbridge, Katrina Shields and Christobel Munson 
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