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Show Time is Upon Us

If anyone wants to gauge the health of the fly-fishing market, all they really have to do is take a close look at The Fly Fishing Show series as it makes its annual winter tour throughout the country. This upcoming weekend’s Somerset, New Jersey, show is expected to break attendance records. Both of the main hotels at or near the venue are sold out. And perhaps most importantly, the weather woes that crippled the Mid Atlantic region last weekend are slowly dissipating. If you are already planning to exhibit or attend, good luck and have fun. If you’re in the area and are still thinking about it, check it out. Event details can be found here.

For the record, Chuck Furimsky noted that the Denver show…continue reading on

AT Survey: How Successful Are You at Selling at Off-Site Events?

In light of what we just said about consumer shows, we want to get a better idea of how valuable events like these are to fly retailers. Please help us by answering the following:

How do you feel about setting up a booth and selling product at a consumer show, a fly-fishing fair, community event, or the like?

  • These events are an important part of our overall sales that account for at least 10 percent of our annual sales. (0%, 0 Votes)
  • We do some, but it’s mostly to be seen, and network, and if we make a little change on the side, that’s great. (0%, 0 Votes)
  • We’ve done some of these events, but haven’t really found them to be worth the time and effort. Not much money. (0%, 0 Votes)
  • We don’t exhibit or sell at any events like this. (0%, 0 Votes)
...see results here.

Must Read: Ted Williams on Brook Trout

Many fly anglers are familiar with the attention placed (for better or worse) on wild steelhead. But there’s another native, sometimes andadromous, species on America’s other coast that’s equally alluring and interesting, aesthetically dynamic, and unfortunately, far more threatened. It turns out that all native brook trout are special wonders, but some are even more so. Ted Williams offers uncanny conscience and perspective on this matter in an online piece for The Nature Conservancy, and it’s worth taking 10 minutes of your day to check it out.

News Bits… F3T Kicks Off; Grant for Women in Fly Fishing Film Project; IFTD’s Solid Forecast; Redington Cuts a Video; Confluence Announces “Providence” (Screening Opportunities Available)

The 2016 version of the Fly Fishing Film Tour kicked off in grand style at the City Hall venue in downtown Denver last Saturday, followed by a Tuesday showing in Bozeman. It will be in Billings tonight and Missoula this weekend. We think it is the best lineup yet, and it supports a variety of worthy causes and retailers throughout the country. Here’s a review we did on

Along those lines, a reminder that Costa, Orvis, Trout Unlimited, and F3T have collaborated to offer a $15,000 grant to fund a short film for the purpose of increasing representation among women in the sport of fly fishing. Grant applications are due April 1, and you can find additional information through TU’s website.

AFFTA president Ben Bulis reports that booth contracts for the upcoming international International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTD) are...continue reading on

Product Review from Christmas Island: Sage BOLT Fly Rod

By Kirk Deeter

I like fast action rods. Especially in saltwater situations. But who doesn’t? I know, I know, we’re supposed to appreciate the more “pure” action of more moderate rods, just like an avid golfer is supposed to aspire to hit blade irons on steel shafts. But when you start swinging those blades around, and spraying the ball around, it’s kind of nice to have a larger sweet spot on the clubface. And fast action fly rods have done to fly fishing what oversized driver heads and graphite shafts have done to golf. There are legions and legions of little old men who have...continue reading on

Southwick Associates recently released a survey that showed that, while online license sales for hunting and fishing are on an increasing trend, most licenses are still bought in brick and mortar shops. (Fishing license sales from retailers were down 11 percent).

Question is, do you like license sales at all? They might not bring in tons of direct revenue for the shop owner, but do they lead to...continue reading on


Spring Issue of TROUT Magazine Closing this Week!

A few things to remember about TROUT magazine...
Trout magazine now has the largest subscriber base, and the largest readership of any magazine in fly fishing - as well as the BEST CPM value in the space. We've grown exponentially, both in terms of ad revenue and printed pages, in the past year. When all is said and done, no publication has the profound reach within the most motivated demographic in fly fishing that Trout magazine does.   
* TROUT reaches the largest print readership in fly fishing.
* TROUT is the national publication of Trout Unlimited (155,000 members).
* CPM value is better than any other magazine in fly fishing.
* Our readers are some of the most dedicated, committed anglers.


Trout Unlimited is also moving ahead with a revision of "The Complete Angler," its 12-16-page direct-to-member newsletter that's sent to its big hitters... the sweetest spot in the whole fly demographic. 

The most engaged anglers (and their families).  It will be printed 4 times a year with just 4 full page ads being available.

The Complete Angler will go to...

· 12 month lapsed and active CCF members (people who give TU $1000 or more)
·  All MGO-assigned members
·  All Life and Family Life members with a $1,000+ gift in the past 18 months

That audience will range between 15,000 and 18,000 initially (which makes it one of the larger print publications in its own right).  The important thing is who that demographic is. We're also going to attach the TU Annual Report into The Complete Angler next year.

TU sees this as a service piece--a thank you for spending money on TU.  So the focus isn't asking them for more money, or even talking too much detail on conservation issues.  Rather, we're talking about gear, and tying flies, and skills, and where to travel and how... high end information for the high end angler.  Stuff that helps make them "complete" anglers.

We're going to sell just 4 full page ads per issue only at $2500 per insertion.  
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