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I don’t know about you, but I like seeing cool stuff.

I've got some great projects going on with amazing people... So I figured it's really time to share some of it with all of you.  As well as give you some tips and inspiration for your own upcoming photoshoots.

Here’s a quick Portrait Store update for you.

-   Headshot Styles - White on White & Black on Black
-   My latest COMMUNICATOR podcast episode
-  Cool Tools - Touch Retouch 
-   Up coming sessions around Australia
I spent some time in Sydney with Shelby Timmins - Founding Director at Divorce Done Differently
Shelby uses a holistic, collaborative method to get better (less damaging) outcomes for people going through divorce.  She's a powerful, fascinating and funny lady.  I spent a few hours working with her last month.
Looking at 'White on White & Black on Black'
I wanted to show you a cool little style quirk that works really well for headshots - I call it White on White. 

You wouldn't think a white top on a white background would work so well but it does.   Interestingly, it makes YOU the darkest thing in the image... which is the highest contrast spot in the frame.  So the eye is perfectly drawn to where it should go.

So don't be afraid to bring a plain white shirt with you for your session.

The flip side of the White on White phenomenon is Black on Black.

In this case, it makes you the lightest part of the image and (again) draws the eye perfectly to the subject.  And as long as we manage the darkness of the background (which is just a simple technical adjustment on the spot) we can even make it work for folks with dark hair.  Ideally, the hair and the background don't blend together entirely... it's a little creepy.

So while you are putting together your clothing for an upcoming photoshoot, remember to bring your whites and blacks. 

What to Wear is one of my most commonly asked questions so I made a rather comprehensive set of instructions to help folks prepare.  Click below to for all the tips.
What to Wear
Check out my latest COMMUNICATOR podcast episode

5 Action Points from the episode:

  1. Listen to your body more.

  2. Focus on the positives as often as you can.

  3. Speak up next time you’re unhappy or disappointed with something.

  4. Give yourself permission to feel any pain, hurt and upset.

  5. Take note of your behaviour to get real insight into your emotions.

Go to the Episode
Cool Tools
Touch Retouch  Make your photos (more) amazing!
This is possibly my most valuable app when it comes to mobile photography.  When you're out and about, enjoying actual life (rather than living through a camera's viewfinder) you snap away, taking photos of all the nice moments... Usually in full anticipation of sharing them on the interwebs later.  

Invariably, you go back to look and there's all kinds of crap in the frame that really distracts the eye and kind of ruins the photo.  

So I turn to TouchRetouch every time.  It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Seriously.

You can erase things with almost zero effort or skils.  It's the best $1.99 you'll spend on your social shares all month.  I promise.

Give it a try!  Touch Retouch
Coming Up
Dates and sessions are constantly being added all over.  We like to stay pretty flexible to accommodate your schedule. 

Click here to see what's next up.

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Email or call to chat about possible dates and sessions that fit your needs.
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