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Happy new year!
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A Happy New Year to all of you! May the joy and peace of Christmas carry over into the new year. May it give some respite from cold and fear for those suffering from sheer endless war and conflict they never asked for. 

I recently got back from an assessment mission to Tanzania accompanied by SAHFA member and donor Inge Colijn. She is an accomplished street photographer and offered to come with me to take pictures so that you can all see what is happening on the Tanzanian JamboMama! front. We bundled all her amazing pictures in a photo album on our Facebook page, be sure to take a look!

Thanks to Deograstias Katonyella (Deo), our representative for Sub-Saharan Africa in Tanzania, we had a smooth and impression rich trip. Biggest take-way from this tour: we saw the demand for the JamboMama! app had not only grown, but also matured. Let me tell you more in this newsletter. May it inspire you in this brand new year. 

La Vie Dispensary 

In one of the dispensaries, La Vie, introduction of the app had started in earnest in September 2022. The doctor doing reproductive health clinics had 58 pregnant patients on his JamboMama! account and he found it very convenient. The reception and waiting area for the mother and child clinic had been renovated with SAHFA support and looked nice and inviting. 
La Vie will now go into the next phase, training the community health workers in use of the JamboMama! version for them.
Doing the rounds of the villages with Fausta, a community health worker

Important feedback our team had received was that the community health workers felt left out as they did not have their own entry to help them structure their work as the health professionals have. In response to that demand, our programmer has created a special entry for community health workers who can enter the names of their pregnant clients and see how far their pregnancy has progressed. The community health workers are nowadays fully part of the maternal care providing system and more and more tasks will be entrusted to them to lighten the burden of fully trained medical professionals. 
Health centres in Biharamulo

In Biharamulo we visited two health centres and a female community health worker (with the red jacket in the picture) spoke passionately and eloquently about the needs for better communication with her clients. A team will start with training the community health workers and the maternal and newborn-care providing staff of the dispensary. The maternal and delivery care staff of the nearest referral hospital for births with complications will also be included in the training. Simultaneously, they will start a woman’s empowerment project in that area so that women can make a small income allowing them to pay for pregnancy and childbirth related expenses and data bundles for their phone, if they have one. 
Mugana Hospital 

Our next stop was Mugana Hospital. It is one of the best hospitals of the country in terms of quality of care and variety of services offered, hygiene and success rate of treatments. It is run by the Canossian sisters and equipped with solar power. They attract wealthy clients with insurance, but that helps them to also receive the poor patients as the insured patients create a buffer that the sisters use for outreach to the poor. The sisters and their staff were very keen and started the app up immediately. Asking pertinent questions, making an effort not to give up if you get stuck… our duo Amina and Deo helping them through the registration process. We left Mugana convinced that JamboMama! will take off successfully there in 2023.
Sumve hospital and satellite dispensary

Back in Mwanza, we started with a visit to Sumve hospital and one of its satellite dispensaries from where difficult delivery cases are sent to Sumve hospital or even to Bugando, an academic referral hospital in Mwanza. A visit and experience similar to that of Mugana. A well-run hospital, nursing staff and community health workers keen on trying out the app, the new medical officer in charge expressing his interest in running through our questions and answers to check their appropriateness. Universal standards, locally applied, that was what he would look for. I am grateful for that, this is how true ownership develops. The medics must wholeheartedly endorse it.
Sumve nursing college

We also visited Sumve nursing college, where one student, now in his final year, is on a SAHFA scholarship. We agreed to give financial support to another four very gifted students, on condition they were given time to help promote the JamboMama! app with the pregnant women and the community health workers connected to Sumve Hospital (the school is on the hospital’s compound). Possibly it could be turned into a field assignment for their course. Our representative could occasionally give a lecture with a demo about our app at the school. This would give an enormous boost to the mainstreaming of our app and it gives us extra volunteers for the spread of the app at Sumve health district. 
Milk bar in Dodoma

We then launched on the long drive to Dodoma, to visit a young lady whom we had given a grant to expand and modernise her dairy business with a milk bar where you can drink coffee and tea with or without milk, you can have yoghurt and smoothies but also order milk for delivery at home or fetch it from there and have a drink at the fancy milk bar. The idea is that she will also promote the JamboMama! app and create a customer WhatsApp group or Facebook page with advice on healthy nutrition and lifestyle, with also publicity for JamboMama! and particular attention to pregnant women’s health needs. We shall coach her for this part of her contribution to SAHFA’s programme in exchange for the support she received to set up her business. 
Wrap-up meeting in Dar es Salaam with our programmer

From Dodoma we flew back to Dar es Salaam while Deo drove back to Mwanza. The day of our departure I had a final talk with our much-appreciated programmer who has worked with and for us for over two years by now. He was of the opinion that we needed more programmers now, and not keep the app dependent on volunteer efforts only. He was willing to train them in use of the source code. So we shall try to connect with a local company of good reputation that can provide us with that extra programming capacity. Tanzania is developing and digitalising fast, so such a company exists.
Digitalisation for all

Our aim is to enable the rural population to partake in that digitalisation, not when all others have moved further afield, but now. Enable them to become agents of their own personal social and economic development. Starting with the most neglected in this modernisation process: girls and women of child bearing age in remote areas with low to medium education and of limited or no financial means. Together, we can make it happen!
JamboMama! is a project designed by SAHFA - Smart Access to Health For All, a non-profit association founded at the end of 2015 in France. Its mission is to facilitate access for all to healthcare and other basic services by means of mobile information and communication technologies (smart tools). Priority is given to the population of isolated rural areas of developing countries. SAHFA seeks to define in close collaboration with the end users of its mobile tools what their real needs and wishes are for relevant  user friendly smart technology.
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