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Home Inspection Blog:
What is Included in your Home Inspection Report

You know you need a home inspection because you were unable to walk the roof, investigate the mechanical systems, and explore the crawlspace during your showing. But what will your inspector and the accompanied report provide you? After professionally inspecting the roof, exterior, structure, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation/ventilation, plumbing, and interior, probably a lot more than you originally thought.

First of all, everyone knows your inspection report will provide you important information on defects discovered at the time of the inspection. What really matters in this ‘Observations and Recommendations’ section are concerns that fall into four major categories:

Image of the Month:
Disconnected diverter
The draft diverter, vent, and exhaust flue designed to exhaust the invisible, odorless, tasteless, toxic products of combustion to the home exterior was disconnected. This condition will allow toxic exhaust gasses to enter the living space. Similar conditions have caused fatalities in the past. This water heater should not be used until it has been serviced by a qualified contractor.
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Monthly Home Maintenance Tip

Garage Door Safety

The garage door is the largest moving object in a house. Its parts are under high tension.  All repairs and adjustments should be performed by a trained garage door systems technician.  To find a technician, visit the International Door Association website.  If the garage door appears inoperable or out of plumb, do not attempt to operate the garage door opener.  If the door appears plumb, you can perform some basic testing to ensure that your garage door is operating as it should.

Photo-Electric Eyes

Federal law states that residential garage door openers manufactured after 1992 must be equipped with photo-electric eyes or some other safety-reverse feature. If the garage door has an opener, check to see if photo-electric eyes are installed. They should be near the floor, mounted to the left and right sides of the bottom door panel.  The beam of the photo-electric eyes should not be higher than 6 inches above the floor.  

Non-Contact Reversal Test 

This check applies to door systems that are equipped with photo-electric eyes.  Standing inside the garage and safely away from the path of the door, use the remote control or wall button to close the door.  As the door is closing, wave an object in the path of the photo-electric eye beam. The door should immediately reverse and return to the fully-open position.

Contact Reversal Test 

This check applies to doors with openers when the opener’s force setting has been properly set, and when the opener reinforcement bracket is securely and appropriately attached to the door’s top section.  If you’re concerned that a contact reversal test may cause damage to the garage door or its components, don’t do it. 
Otherwise, begin this test with the door fully open.  Under the center of the door, place a 2x4 piece of wood flat on the floor in the path of the door.  Standing inside the garage but safely away from the path of the door, use the wall push button to close the door.  When the door contacts the wood, the door should automatically reverse direction and return to the fully-open position.
If your garage door fails or is slow to respond to any of these tests, contact a qualified technician who can check for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

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