We're back with a Spring in our step!
Welcome to our April 2018 Newsletter

After an eventful start to the year and with the snow now subsiding, Spring has finally sprung and along with it some exciting developments here at the 3D Studio Blomberg offices in Vaasa.
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We have a busy year ahead of us as we chart new waters with innovative product development, building a stronger brand presence and continuing with our commitment to offer added value to our customers.
Over the next few months we’ll be bringing you exciting news around the development of some new 3D Studio Blomberg products and a unique opportunity to showcase our service offerings and product portfolio at the AR & VR World Conference in London in the Summer. 
We’re now really beginning to see tangible opportunities with AR & VR, as the technologies enable the development of practical products and solutions, which in turn is creating significant added value and substantial return on investment.
Read on for more on this and other stories and stay tuned for updates as we move into the year.


Our 360 VR Tours. Bringing the Journey to you and your customers.

Imagine being able to safely showcase a new factory or plant, housing development or other premises in the planning phase, to virtual visitors around the globe, 24/7. Or conduct emergency training without the hazards and cost of doing it on-site. Or attract the best and brightest talent with impressive virtual tours before they’ve even stepped through the door.   
360 VR Tours from 3D Studio Blomberg make this a 24/7 reality, plus much more.
The 360 VR tour creation begins with an agreed script followed by computer modelling of your virtual environment or innovative 360° filming of images and movies. And, for a true mixed reality experience, combine these elements! The team at 3D Studio will then add audio and voice-overs with dynamic hotspots enabling your virtual visitors to ‘teleport’ around the tour via mobile apps or standard web browsers.
The possibilities are endless. You tell us where you want to go and we’ll make it happen. We’ve showcased some inspirational customer examples
here. To speak to one of the team today about your next journey please get in touch with us.

AR & VR World Conference at the London ExCel

We’re very pleased to announce our plans to attend the AR & VR World event in London from 12-14 June. This is one of the most prestigious augmented reality and virtual reality events on the conference calendar that showcases the technology and business strategies of today.
Leveraging our valuable membership of The AREA (the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of inter operable AR-enabled enterprise systems) we’ll be attending along with other members to showcase our offerings as part of the AREA community.
In addition, we’re busy putting the finishing touches on our very own Pontus Blomberg’s speaking slot at the conference, scheduled for June 13th in the ‘Immerse 360’ track, where he’ll be sharing some very exciting news. Pontus’ presentation is immediately followed by McLaren Automotive so he’ll have to finish on time!

Watch this space for more updates as things progress and take a look at what this event has to offer here.

We hope to see some of you there!

From Strength to Strength with Chrysalisforge

We proudly announced our strategic alliance with UK-based company, Chrysalisforge, last year.
The team at Chrysalisforge have extensive experience in global markets and 3D product development for industrial enterprises. And, working closely with their team, we’ve recently strengthened our relationship even further, engaging their help with broader sales, marketing, product development and more as we move forward with our strategic plan to grow the range of products and service offerings of 3D Studio.

As part of this journey, we’re now at a point where we’re seeking targeted feedback from our customers to help us grow and ensure we provide companies with the right products at the right time. As such, Michael and Angela from Chrysalisforge will be acting on our behalf and reaching out to some of our customers very soon to gather their views and opinions as we refine our future product planning
Before they get in touch, learn more about their company here.

3D Studio gets Social!

As part of our strategic transformation and brand building, we’re getting active on various social media channels. We’re keen to engage with our existing and future customers in a more interactive and dynamic way.
Be the first to know by following us on our newly formed Twitter presence and LinkedIn.

Success in India and ... globally

Our work certainly seems to get around. Our 3D animation renderings jetted across the world to Las Vegas and, more recently, to India where they found themselves on display at the Elecrama Fair, the biggest showcase of exhibits, solutions and conferences covering the complete electricity ecosystem. 

Importantly for us, the launch of TruONE, the world’s first true ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) for critical power, by ABB in Las Vegas was very well received and has really helped to put us on the map in this space. For ABB, this has been one of their most important product launches in the last few years. 

Argentina Garcia, Marketing Communications Specialist from ABB, commented “Since we are launching a product that is a one of a kind and completely different from the conventional ATS solutions, it is important for our customers to visualize the value that we bring to them. For an innovative and highly technical product like TruONE we required an aesthetic yet simple way to demonstrate all the features and benefits of this product – which was possible to achieve thanks to our work with 3D Studio Blomberg”.

Check out the demonstration and read more about this product launch here.
The team at the Elecrama Fair in India

Creating professional-quality industrial animations is one of 3D Studio’s key service offerings. Our experience, skills and tools allow us to produce automated 3D renderings of product variants for a wide range of scenarios, from sales and marketing through to training and education, right up to visualisation of product and system prototypes.
With this service we can help you to tell a better story and bring your products or services to life. Find out more about this core service offering here.

The Bit at the Bottom

We’re very pleased to also announce that, in line with our high standards of operation, we’ve recently been awarded the 2015 ISO 9001 certification.

“The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.”


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