Welcome to our August 2018 Newsletter!

Finnish summers, as we know, are typically rainy and cool.  But this year has seen one of the hottest for quite some time with Helsinki experiencing a 6 day period of 30-degree heat. It’s been quite an adjustment looking at sunny skies for so many days on end!

Here at 3D Studio Blomberg, the team is well rested and ready for new challenges and as we move into Autumn we have the perfect time to focus on new opportunities and fresh ideas. We’re continuing the building of new partnerships and collaboration opportunities whilst ensuring that we have the best product offerings available for a wide range of clients and industries. 

Please read on as we showcase August and look forward to a period of accelerated growth and opportunities. 

 Onwards and upwards with Finity

In June we saw 3D Studio Blomberg taking part in the TechXLR8 part of London Tech Week with a booth showcasing the new Finity range of products and several supporting activities.

We continue to reap the rewards of the publicity created by the event. One of these is the release of a media interview with Founder and VP Business Development, Pontus Blomberg. 

Pontus Blomberg, VP Business Development talks about Visual Business and Finity during a media interview at London Tech Week

Take a look at the interview, which explores 3D Studio’s ‘Visual Business’ concept, focusing on utilising highly visual technologies, such as AR and VR, to bring business to life and make it more effective and efficient. Pontus goes on to talk about the launch of the Finity range of products and how the use of AR and VR makes the consumption and retention of information and data easier and the possibilities broader and more exciting.

Finity Journey: creating infinitely more opportunities


We’ve demonstrated the variety of uses for Finity Journey with a number of examples on our website and we continue to help a range of companies and industries benefit from it.

The team at 3D Studio Blomberg has also developed a Finity Journey for Pellasbacken, a Nybäck Invest Ab Oy initiative, to help facilitate the sale of several properties they’re developing. This is one of our ‘Director-led’ Journeys and is split into 2 distinct components: the Guest App and the Host App.

In a Director-led Journey, the potential buyer dons the VR headset and starts up the Guest App, where they have the opportunity to explore the property, it’s features and benefits in full VR, helping to inform decision-making. Read more about it here and watch our promotional video to experience the full benefits for yourself.

The unique ‘Director-led’ Finity Journey used to showcase Pellasbacken


Strongest in Finland

We’re delighted to announce that 3D Studio Blomberg has been given a ‘Strongest in Finland’ certification.


According to standards ‘A company that has earned the Strongest in Finland certificate is a powerful influence in the Finnish economy now and in the future’.
The certificate signifies the company’s positive financial figures and good background information and payment records. This tells customers, partners,  credit providers and other stakeholders that cooperation with the company will be built on a firm foundation. The certificate is based on the Rating Alfa -credit rating of Suomen Asiakastieto. To find out more check it out here. 

The building blocks to a stronger brand

As we move into the next phase of our strategic transformation and brand building, we continue to grow our activity on various social media channels and are keen to engage with existing and future customers.
LinkedIn and Twitter remain our key platforms for social engagement and we will continue to actively use these channels to not only connect with customers and stakeholders but also stay on top of the latest technology trends and developments.
Please help grow the network by following us on Twitter and joining our LinkedIn page.

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