3D Studio Blomberg Newsletter: January 2020

A warm welcome to 2020!

We not only mark the beginning of a new year but also the beginning of a new decade as we head into the 20s. Before we forge ahead with renewed energy and a fresh focus on our strategy, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of 2019.

Exploring pastures new through our PTC Reseller status

We proudly became a reseller of Boston-headquartered, PTC, products earlier in 2019, covering the geographical regions of both Sweden and Finland. This strategic move meant we were able to offer and supply a number of PTC products directly to our customers (and provide services on top of those products) with a focus on the Augmented Reality (AR) space through the market leading Vuforia product suite. This move gave our customers the flexibility and agility to use these tools themselves immediately!
The Vuforia product line offers easy-to-use tools that enable one to quickly develop industrial AR experiences and solutions to support use cases in engineering, manufacturing, service and field operations. Here is a brief overview of these products:
Vuforia Studio: a market-leading tool for creating AR experiences, developed and backed by the strength of PTC and, the only drag-and-drop authoring environment.
Vuforia Chalk: this product brings your technicians and experts together to solve problems faster and more effectively.
Creo Illustrate: enables you to create 3D impactful technical illustrations and step by step sequences for manufacturing, service or product operation. You can also re-use these sequences in Vuforia Studio to deliver AR-powered experiences to deliver instructions in new, compelling and highly effective ways.
Vuforia Expert Capture: the out-of-the box AR workforce productivity solution for expert knowledge capture and transfer which enable you to:

  • Capture and transfer expert knowledge and best practises in order to close the experience gap and increase worker productivity.
  • Get summer holiday workers up to speed quickly
  • Reduce costs of waste and scrap through expert-level performance
  • Improve safety and compliance through visual guidance

3DStudio is the first PTC partner in the Nordics to have Expert Capture as part of our product portfolio! Our partnership with PTC also provides 3D Studio Blomberg with rich access to the PTC ecosystem of AR, CAD and PLM solution and process expertise, helping us to deliver the strongest industrial technology offerings to our Nordics customers.
Want to know more? Learn about these exciting and diverse products here and get in touch with us today to talk about how these products, along with our added services, can help your business


Your Visual Transformation Journey begins right here!

We know that AR is transforming the ways that companies are doing business across the globe. Whether you’re planning or executing a digital transformation strategy or simply wishing to improve the efficiency of your business, leading companies are harnessing the business benefits that are easily achievable when constructing efficient and automated processes from CAD/PLM, allowing for re-use in visual interfaces such as AR, VR and enterprise 3D visualisation.
We have nearly 20 years’ experience of delivering pioneering 3D solutions to industrial enterprises across the globe. As a new reseller of PTC’s market leading Vuforia industrial AR  product suite and a developer of custom AR/VR/3D solutions, 3D Studio is well-placed to help organisations along their own pathway to success, which we call the Visual Transformation Journey.
We developed the Visual Transformation Journey earlier in 2019 as a modular engagement model to help organisations navigate from where they currently are, to delivering value with the  successful deployment of visual technologies in their business.  Depending upon the organisation’s current state of maturity, they can follow the journey from several entry points.
A flexible and adaptable model ready to fit to your organisation’s unique requirements. Get in touch today to begin your journey.

Growing the Finity family with TransFBX


Hot on the heels of Finity Journey and Finity Vada came Finity TransFBX early in 2019, the answer to how an organisation can expand the automation pipeline with their industrial 3D (PVZ) data to support in-house applications and processes.
Finity TransFBX enables you to extract more value from your already enterprise CAD and PLM visualization data by providing high-performance conversion between PTC’s PVZ formats and the FBX format. By translating to FBX, you can re-purpose your existing PVZ 3D assets for use in many other tools which don’t accept PVZ as an input format.
Importantly, as Finity TransFBX is a member of the Finity family of Automated Content Transformation (ACT) tools, data conversions can be automated, removing the need for expensive and time-consuming manual operations or re-modelling. When used in conjunction with Finity Vada, you can simultaneously and automatically generate augmented reality experiences and FBX data for the broadest possible enterprise 3D CAD, including structure, hierarchy and animation sequences,  as well as metadata re-use.
There’s a lot to be said for the newest member of the Finity family so explore this product in more detail right here, right now.

Finity TransFBX : Expanding the 3D product data landscape      

AR at Pohjanmaan Teollisuus 

In the early part of 2019, 3D Studio Blomberg attended the Pohjanmaan Teollisuus (Ostrobothnia Industry) event in the Seinäjoki Arena. This was the inaugural event in the series, which aimed at bringing together Finnish industry leaders, experts and decision makers to promote and boost business opportunities.
As the topic of AR was high on the agenda it meant our news regarding our new PTC re-seller status was even more relevant. A number of valuable conversations ensued, and important connections were made. Read more about the event and our presence here.


New Chairman of the Board 

This year brought a change to our Board set-up. Mikael Kuivalainen, a long-serving member of the Board, took over the role of Chairman of 3D Studio Blomberg in September, while Roger Nybäck, previous Chairman, took on the role of Senior Advisor. Roger gave many valuable years of service to 3D Studio, providing his experience, expertise and insight to the day to day running of the organisation. His valuable contributions stood 3D Studio in good stead over the years.

Mikael, local to Vaasa, brings his global perspective to 3D Studio along with expertise in HRM & Management, Finance and Marketing. One of the most valuable contributions that Mikael will bring to 3D Studio Blomberg, is experience gained from his current role developing AI based on Big Data to support the analytics and better forecast future financial outcomes. It’s imperitive that insights gained from analytics and the use of AI be communicated effectively and, critically, support operational and strategic decision-making. Mikael and his team work hard at developing visual tools for communicating the story behind the numbers, which is a perfect match for 3D Studio. As a Visual Business organisation, 3DStudiorecently developed the Visual Transformation Journey (a modular engagement model to help businesses navigate from their current position to one where they can deliver value with successful deployment of visual technologies across their organisations). This is a wonderful fusion with Mikael’s experience, skills and focus and we’re excited to be taking this journey with him in his role as Chairman of the Board.


Along with a new Chairman of the Board, we also have a few new faces in the 3DS team. In 2019 we welcomed Henri Kuivalainen as IT System Administrator and Dennis Svartbäck as a Software Engineer. Both bring with them valuable skills and experience, to ensure that 3DS has the right resources to help the company grow and flourish in the coming year.  

Our core brand-building blocks

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