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Best wishes got out to SBRRB member Nancy Atmospera-Walch who was recently installed as the President of the Fillipino Chamber of Commerce.  Nancy has been a board member since 2015 where she brings a wealth of knowledge when reviewing Hawaii Administrative Rules for the departments of health and human resources.

Congratulations, Nancy.  We know you will do an outstanding jo
                                   -Robert Cundiff

Nancy Atmospera-Walch & Husband

New SBRRB Website

  We are excited to announce the recent launching of the SBRRB’s new website at:

Our new website creates an informative, interactive, user-friendly communication tool for Hawaii’s small business community as well as for the state and county agencies that promulgate Hawaii Administrative Rules.
Please check it out and visit the site!
 Contact Information
Telephone: (808) 586-2419 
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The next SBRRB meeting will be held on Thursday, October 17th at
10:00 am

Leiopapa A Kamehameha building – State Office Tower, Conference Room 405, 235 South Beretania Street, Honolulu.
Also, if you are interested in submitting written testimony on any of the measures, please send to:
If you would like any of the exhibits, they can be found on the State’s Calendar at - select “Small Business Regulatory Review Board” in the appropriate space bar.

In addition, the SBRRB’s agenda packet for public inspection may be viewed in the SBRRB’s office at
250 South Hotel Street, Suite 504, Honolulu, Hawaii.
 This month, the SBRRB meeting is scheduled for
September 19, 2019
and will feature the following Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR):

Before Public Hearing:
  1. Title 18 Chapter 231 Administration of Taxes, Section 3-14.17, Revocation of licenses because of abandonment – promulgated by Department of Taxation (DoTax)
  2. Title 18 Chapter 235 Income Tax Law, Section 3-01, Distribution of credit for partnerships, S corporations, estates, and trusts – promulgated by DoTax
  3. Title 18 Chapter 243 Fuel Tax Law, Section 4-01, Refund of fuel taxes in excess of 1 cent per gallon for certain fuels used for operating agricultural equipment in areas other than upon the public highways of the State – promulgated by DoTax
  4. Proposed New Title 18 Chapter 235 Income Tax Law, Section 17-01 through 17-19, Motion picture digital media, and film production income tax credit, promulgated by DoTax
  5. Title 15 Chapter 120, Community-Based Economic Development Loan and Grants Programs – promulgated by Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism
After Public Hearing:
  1. Title 12 Chapter 221.1 Existing Pressure Retaining Items
  2. Title 12 Chapter 222.1 Power Boilers
  3. Title 12 Chapter 223.1 Heating Boilers – Steam Heating Boilers, Hot Water Heating Boilers, Hot Water Supply Boilers, and Potable Water Heater
  4. Title 12 Chapter 224.1 Pressure Vessels
  5. Title 12 Chapter 225.1 Pressure Systems
  6. Title 12 Chapter 220 General Administrative and Legal Provisions
  7. Title 12 Chapter 221 Existing and New Boilers and Pressure Vessels
  8. Title 12 Chapter 222 Power Boilers
  9. Title 12 Chapter 223 Heating Boilers
  10. Title 12 Chapter 224 Pressure Vessels
  11. Title 12 Chapter 225 Pressure Systems
Click here to view Agenda
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