November 2020 Newsletter

Message from the Chair

            The SBRRB hopes all our veteran small business owners had a very healthy and prosperous Veteran’s Day.
            In this month’s issue, we are spotlighting SBRRB Vice Chair and member, Ms. Mary Albitz.  Mary has been on board with us since April 2018. 

-Robert Cundiff, Chair

Member Spotlight

Mary Albitz, SBRRB Vice Chair
            After Mary received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Santa Clara University, her early work experience involved counseling teenagers and adults with developmental disabilities.  She then worked eight years in a catering company and seven years with Expatriate Tax firms.  During this time, Mary learned the fundamentals of “how to grow a business”; she then started her own small business, a puzzle and game store in Redwood City, California.
            After visiting friends in Maui in 2015, Mary and her husband moved from the Silicon Valley area and settled in Maui in 2016.  Mary is owns and operates Island Art Party, a paint and sip studio located in Kihei, Maui; check out the company’s website at
  • As a “woman-owned” business, do you think you have you run into any unusual setbacks that would not have occurred if your business was not a woman-owned business?  
            Fortunately, I have not experienced any unusual setbacks as a function of being a woman owned business.
  • -If you are open to sharing, how has COVID-19 impacted the following:

-Your business
            My business was shut down in mid-March and I had to lay-off my staff.  I spent the next two and half months applying for every grant and loan for which my business qualified.  We eventually received assistance (all loans) and made plans to re-open.  We re-opened at less than 50% capacity on June 5th along with the restaurants as our protocols are very similar.  Currently, too of my staff returned to work; the others were busy with other work or too afraid to interact with the public due to family members with pre-existing conditions.
            While Island Arty Party was shut down due to COVID, a staff member recorded YouTube videos at home to teach online classes.  We added an online store so people could order supplies for the classes and also offered a few classes via zoom from the studio when we were allowed to re-open. 

-The County of Maui            
Many of Maui landlords are offering rent deferral, including mine.  Even with all of the assistance that the businesses have received, it is unlikely that they will be able to remain open if landlords are not willing to renegotiate rent rates.
            In general, there are mixed emotions with opening up to tourists, the excitement of getting back to work and increased revenues, yet there is fear of the spread of Covid-19.  Despite being hard hit financially, we have been very fortunate on Maui because there has not been a huge spreading of the virus.  There are many restaurants and other businesses not re-opening. 
            It will be interesting to see what the future holds.
  • -How do you see your professional background to be integral in understanding small businesses’ rules and regulations?
            Having broad experience with the workings of many different types of companies has given me an understanding of the effect of various rules and regulations on businesses and how they can positively and negatively affect businesses.  I am well versed on the positive impacts that small local businesses have on the economy and their communities.
  • -As an essential State Board, what do you believe are the important factors in the SBRRB’s continued existence?
            Hawaii can be a very difficult state to do business because of the rules and regulations, shipping costs, high cost of living and rent/property, etc.  Because of these, it is extremely important that we all work together and agree upon the best possible solutions.  I am so heartened to have seen this in practice while serving on the SBRRB.  Multiple times when enough stakeholder input is received and discussed changes are then made BEFORE rules are enacted so that all can agree on them.  When this process is not followed, much upset and disruption to businesses can occur.
Request for SBRRB Meeting Packets
Copies of the Board Packet will be available on-line for review at:
 An electronic draft of the minutes for this meeting will also be made available at the same location when completed.
 In addition to “attending” the remote board meeting, members of the public may submit written testimony via e-mail to:
Include the word “Testimony” and the subject matter following the address line. 
Please Note:  All written testimony should be received no later than 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, November 18, 2020.
Thank you!
The next SBRRB meeting will be held on Thursday,
November 19, 2020
at 10:00 am
 This month, the SBRRB meeting is scheduled for
November 19, 2020
and will feature the following Hawaii Administrative Rules:
Before Public Hearing:

1.    Title 13 Chapter 241 Numbering of Vessels, promulgated by Department of Land and Natural Resources

After Public Hearing:

2.   Title 12 Chapter 229 General, Administrative and Legal Provisions, promulgated by Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
As authorized under the Governor’s Fourteenth Proclamation Related to the COVID-19 Emergency, the meeting will be held remotely, with Board members, Staff and Agencies participating via online meeting venue.  The public can participate in the meeting via video-audio livestream.  To join the meeting, go to: 
If you would like any of the exhibits, they can be found on the State’s Calendar at - select “Small Business Regulatory Review Board” in the appropriate space bar.
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