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Welcome New Member, Reg Baker

I am very pleased to announce that Mr. Reg Baker, managing member and partner of Reg Baker, CPA, LLC, a nationally recognized specialist in small and mid-sized businesses, was recently appointed by Governor Ige as an SBRRB member.  Reg will serve on an interim basis until the 2018 legislative session when his membership will be ratified by the State Senate for a term through June 30, 2022.

Congratulations, Reg!

Reg Baker

As the SBRRB is still in in need of three more members, one from the County of Kauai, please let us know if you are interested in becoming a board member.  Or, you can simply register on the Governor's Boards and Commissions website at:

Anthony Borge, Chair

October 18, 2017 SBRRB Meeting

The next SBRRB meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 18th at 10:00 a.m.  This month, the SBRRB is reviewing the following proposed new and amended Hawaii Administrative Rules:

After Public Hearing
1. Title 3, Rules of the Liquor Commission, City and County of Honolulu, State of Hawaii, promulgated by the City and County of Honolulu Liquor Commission, as follows:

a. Chapter 81, Liquor Commissions, Section 17.51, License Fees
b. Chapter 81, Section 17.58, Trade Name; Changer; Fee
c. Chapter 82, Licenses and Permits, General Provisions, Section 33.11, Applications for Individual Permits to Receive Shipments of Liquor
d. Chapter 82, Section 33.6, Direct Shipment of Wine by Wineries
e. Procedure for Obtaining License, Section 54.1, Filing Fees

2. Title 13, Subtitle 11, Ocean Recreation and Coastal Areas, promulgated by Department of Land and Natural Resources, as follows:

a. Part I - Small Boat Harbors and Other Boating Facilities
1. Chapter 230, General Provisions
2. Chapter 231, Operations of Boats, Small Boat Harbors, and Permits
3. Chapter 232, Sanitation and Fire Safety
4. Chapter 235, Offshore Mooring Rules and Areas

b. Part II - Boating
6. Chapter 240, General Provisions
7. Chapter 242, Accidents, Reports, Fines, Enforcement and Records
8. Chapter 243, Vessel Equipment Requirements
9. Chapter 244, Rules of the Road; Local and Special Rules
10. Chapter 245, Waterway Marking Systems

c. Part III - Ocean Waters, Navigable Streams & Beaches
11. Chapter 250, General Provisions
12. Chapter 251, Commercial Activities on State Ocean Waters, Navigable Streams, and Beaches
13. Chapter 253, Registration and Permit Fees
14. Chapter 254, Local Ocean Waters
15. Chapter 255, Waikiki Beach
16. Chapter 256, Ocean Recreation Management Rules

3. Title 15, Chapter 218, Kakaako Reserved & Workforce Housing Rules, promulgated by Hawaii Community Development Authority / Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism

Before Public Hearing
1. Title 18, Chapter 231, Administration of Taxes, Section 25.5-02(f), Cost Recovery Fees for Collection Actions, promulgated by Department of Taxation (DoTax)
2. Title 18, Chapter 237, General Excise Tax Law, Section 34-13, Persons with a Material Interest in a Tax Return, promulgated by DoTax
3. Title 18, Chapter 237D, Transient Accommodations Tax, Section 4-01, Certificate of Registration, and Section 4-02, Display of the Registration Certificate, Repeal of Sections 4-03 through 4-07, and Proposed New Sections 4-08 to 4-35, promulgated by DoTax
4. Title 12, Chapter 44.1, Testing, Certifying, and Credentialing Individuals Who Perform Maintenance and Testing of Portable Fire Extinguishers, Fire Protections Systems, and Fire Alarm Systems, promulgated by Hawaii State Fire Council / Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

If you would like an Agenda, please go to: reports

Board Meetings and Contact Information

Board meetings are held every third Wednesday at 10:00 a.m., (unless otherwise noted), at No. 1 Capitol District Building, 250 S. Hotel Street, Honolulu

Contact information:


Telephone No.: (808) 586-2594



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