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Message from the Chair

Member Spotlight

Mark Ritchie

            This month, the SBRRB is spotlighting DBEDT’s designated ex officio SBRRB member who is also a DBEDT employee, Mr. Mark Ritchie.
  • Professional background 
           Prior to DBEDT, Mark served in the following positions: Chief Business Development Officer at Kuehnle AgroSystems, Inc., a Hawaii life science start-up; Managing Director at Enterprise Honolulu (EH), a private sector Oahu economic development agency; Product Manager at SGI (SiIicon Graphics), a high performance computing company; and various economic development positions in several global trade and inward investment organizations.
          Mr. Ritchie joined DBEDT six years ago as the Branch Chief for Business Support Services.  Mark’s branch has responsibility for the Enterprise Zone and the CBED (Community-based Economic Development) programs, which includes assisting and promoting Hawaii’s small business community to be successful. 
  • How long have you been an ex officio SBRRB member and how do you see your professional background to be integral in understanding small businesses’ rules and regulations?
         Mr. Ritchie has been an ex-officio member of the SBRRB since 2014.  In his experience at DBEDT, he has interacted with Hawaii’s small business community and learned how administrative rules can impact the operations of small businesses.  In his prior experience at a start-up company with 10 employees, he experienced first-hand Hawaii’s regulatory environment interacting with many state government departments on a variety of business issues on behalf of the company he represented.
  • Why do you believe the SBRRB is an essential State board?
          Small business is the backbone of Hawaii’s economy, much more so than in many other states.  The SBRRB encourages state agencies to consider the small business impacts of their administrative rules before they are finalized and gives effected businesses the chance to offer input into the writing of the rules.   
  • What do you believe are the important factors in the Board’s continued existence? 
          The SBRRB does not exist to promote the de-regulation of Hawaii’s economy.  Rather, it is to help make the rules fair and not effect small businesses in a detrimental way.   Through listening and compromise, this can be achieved. 
  • What do you believe are the important factors in the Board’s continued existence?
        The most important work of the SBRRB Mr. Ritchie thinks happens before the Board votes on any rule.  That is, a government department reaches out to the effected business community and gets feedback and suggestions to write rules so that the small businesses are not adversely impacted. 
  • Where do you see the SBRRB in the next two to three years?          
       Mr. Ritchie sees more sophisticated outreach to the business community as a goal for the coming years.  No one has the time to follow all upcoming new or amended rules.  Through our upgraded website we can try to target notifications on rules by business sector or government department.  
-Rob Cundiff
Request for SBRRB Meeting Packets
Copies of the Board Packet will be available on-line for review at:
 An electronic draft of the minutes for this meeting will also be made available at the same location when completed.
 In addition to “attending” the remote board meeting, members of the public may submit written testimony via e-mail to:
Include the word “Testimony” and the subject matter following the address line. 
Please Note:  All written testimony should be received no later than 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, September 16, 2020.
Thank you!
The next SBRRB meeting will be held on Thursday,
October 15, 2020
at 10:00 am

Also, if you are interested in submitting written testimony on any of the measures, please send to:
If you would like any of the exhibits, they can be found on the State’s Calendar at - select “Small Business Regulatory Review Board” in the appropriate space bar.
 This month, the SBRRB meeting is scheduled for
September 17, 2020
and will feature the following Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR):

As authorized under the Governor’s Twelfth Proclamation Related to the COVID-19 Emergency, the meeting will be held remotely, with Board members, Staff and Agencies participating via online meeting venue.  The public can participate in the meeting via video-audio livestream.  To join the meeting, go to:

Before Public Hearing:

1.    Title 12 Subtitle 8 Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division, Part 11 Elevators and Related Systems Chapter 229 General, Administrative, and Legal Provisions, promulgated by Department of Labor and Industrial Relations – this is a re-discussion from the August 20th Board meeting

2.    Title 17, as follows, promulgated by Department of Human Services:
  1. Repeal of Chapter 798.2 Child Care Services and Approval of Chapter 789.3 Child Care Payments; 
  2. Approval of Chapter 800 Requirements for Listing of Exempt Center-Based Providers; and
  3. Approval of Chapter 801 Background Checks
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