OCTOBER 2020 Newsletter

Message from the Chair

Robert Cundiff, Chair

In our efforts to ensure that the regulatory review process continues, and so we don’t lose momentum in driving a better small business friendly regulatory environment, we have successfully adjusted to virtual meetings that are open to the public.  While in-person meetings are preferred, our staff has done an excellent job in coordination and outreach to ensure stakeholders are engaged in the virtual process and I greatly appreciate their efforts. 

I also want to thank the Board members for adapting to this process and effectively performing their role in this virtual environment.  We will continue our outreach to the small business community and maintain our focus on the regulatory impacts that affect small businesses ability to succeed, especially during these extremely challenging times. 

Together, we will manage through this!

Member Spotlight

Jonathan Shick
This month, we are spotlighting SBRRB member, Mr. Jonathan Shick.
            Mr. Shick has been a board member since April 2019.  In addition to receiving several certifications in construction, roofing and solar power, he holds an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Structural Engineering.  Jonathan lives on Oahu and works for Pono Consulting Group LLC, a construction management and consulting service company located in Aiea. 

- How do you see your professional background to be integral in understanding small businesses’ rules and regulations?
When I first joined the SBRRB, I wasn’t really sure how my role would look but the more I read about and talked with people involved with the SBRRB, I realized that as a business owner I am integrally affected by both regulations from government agencies as well as policy changes requested by small business industries. 
            Knowing that I can provide a bridge between how business is conducted in Hawaii allows me to look at the impact of rules and regulations not just as a governing body but how it truly impacts a small business both operationally and financially.

- As an essential State Board, what do you believe are the important factors in the SBRRB’s continued existence?
          We need to continue our outreach into the community so that other small businesses like ours know there is a voice advocating for them.  As we have seen with the economic impact of COVID-19 on so many businesses, it’s critical that we continue to show businesses that we are here for them and also strive to look at all aspects of a rule or regulation that is being proposed or modified. 
            And it is also important that we work with the various agencies responsible for governing small business in Hawaii so they know that the relationship between government and business can be symbiotic and cohesive rather than divisive.

Request for SBRRB Meeting Packets
Copies of the Board Packet will be available on-line for review at:
 An electronic draft of the minutes for this meeting will also be made available at the same location when completed.
 In addition to “attending” the remote board meeting, members of the public may submit written testimony via e-mail to:
Include the word “Testimony” and the subject matter following the address line. 
Please Note:  All written testimony should be received no later than 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, October 14, 2020.
Thank you!
The next SBRRB meeting will be held on Thursday,
November 19, 2020
at 10:00 am
 This month, the SBRRB meeting is scheduled for
October 15, 2020
and will feature the following Hawaii Administrative Rules:
Before Public Hearing:

1.    Title 19, Chapter 133.2, Periodic Inspection of Vehicles, promulgated by Department of Transportation (DOT)

2.    Title 19, Chapter 133.5, Fine, Suspension or Revocation of an Official Inspection Station or Inspector's Certification, promulgated by DOT
As authorized under the Governor’s Twelfth Proclamation Related to the COVID-19 Emergency, the meeting will be held remotely, with Board members, Staff and Agencies participating via online meeting venue.  The public can participate in the meeting via video-audio livestream.  To join the meeting, go to: 
If you would like any of the exhibits, they can be found on the State’s Calendar at - select “Small Business Regulatory Review Board” in the appropriate space bar.
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Telephone: (808) 586-2419 
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