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•  Cities Are Jumping into Bike Lanes and Tree-Planting, and It’s Working on Air Pollution
•  March’s Wellness Moonshot: PROSPER
•  Research: Understanding the Different Types of Physical Activity
•  Study: Exercise Has Startling Impact on Mental Health
•  Must-Reads from the Wellness World


Cities Are Jumping into Bike Lanes and Tree-Planting, and It’s Working on Air Pollution

By Thierry Malleret, economist

New evidence on air pollution is scarier than we thought: Burning fossil fuels causes nearly one in five deaths worldwide—a toll almost twice as high as previously thought. In the war against air pollution, cities are ahead of governments. Bogota, Colombia, is a shining example of how powerful results can come from two simple things: planting trees and adding more cycle lanes. They added 50 miles of bike lanes and cut particulate pollution by 80% in those areas.

Cities as diverse as Paris, Bangkok, NYC, Nairobi and Barcelona are creating as many green spaces (by planting trees) and walking/cycling networks as possible. It’s a major wellness-positive solution for the health of the air and people.



March’s Wellness Moonshot: PROSPER

“Prosper” may seem a strange topic for this month’s Wellness Moonshot, as people narrowly equate prosperity with wealth/income and fail to grasp its connection to wellness. Wealth and wellbeing are not competing goals, but the division has been damaging.

Read more for strategies about how to create a healthier connection between wealth and wellbeing, from un-tabooing talk of money to getting financially literate and tackling deep, unconscious narratives about money that limit our decision-making—because financial wellbeing has three times the impact of income.

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Understanding the Different Types of Physical Activity

At its essence, physical activity is about movement. The World Health Organization defines physical activity as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure—including activities undertaken while working, playing, carrying out household chores, traveling, and engaging in recreational pursuit.” The benefits are widely proven, including preventing chronic disease, reducing stress, managing weight, improving sleep, alleviating depression, and so on. To receive these benefits, our engagement needs to be regular and sustained—not intermittent, only during holidays, or only when we want to lose weight or can find the time.
The wellness world often looks at physical activity through the narrow lens of “fitness” or “exercise”—working out at a gym, taking a spin or Zumba class, doing yoga, and so on. In fact, we can do wellness-enhancing physical activities in many ways and places. GWI research explores the different ways in which we can engage in physical activity, from fitness, recreational and leisure activities to the natural movement that occurs in our daily lives.


Study: Exercise Has Startling Impact on Mental Health

A large new study (152,978 participants) from University College London and Harvard researchers provides fresh evidence as to just how important exercise is to mental health. People with low aerobic and muscular fitness were roughly twice as likely to experience depression and 60% more likely to suffer anxiety.


Must-Reads from The Wellness World


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71,000 new health, wellness and fitness apps launched in 2020.

Source: App Annie, State of Mobile 2021 report

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