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•  The Healthcare Cost Debate Will Be Reignited, and Wellness Must Now Be at the Center
•  The Case for a Healthy Built Environment and Wellness Real Estate
•  Study:  Childhood Diet Has Lifelong Impact
•  GWI Launches Sleep Initiative
•  Must-Reads from the Wellness World


The Healthcare Cost Debate Will Be Reignited, and Wellness Must Now Be at the Center

By Thierry Malleret, economist

Everyone’s talking of a “return to normal,” but almost everything will change in the post-COVID era. The pandemic has temporarily sidelined the debate over healthcare costs, but it will reignite soon with critical implications in terms of the role that wellness habits can play in reducing them.

In many countries, health costs are simply out of kilter with the “returns” they’re supposed to yield, absorbing more of employers’ budgets and families’ income every year. The situation is extreme in the US, but skyrocketing costs are a global problem that can only be addressed sustainably by doing the maximum to ensure that people don’t fall ill in the first place. The bottom line: Countries must reconsider the way they do welfare and healthcare, and wellness must be at the core of this reconsideration.


The Case for a Healthy Built Environment and Wellness Real Estate

By Katherine Johnston and Ophelia Yeung, GWI senior research fellows

COVID-19 is forcing us to see our homes, neighborhoods and our built environment in a new light. We know that COVID hospitalization and death risks are highly correlated with where we live and the corresponding socioeconomic conditions. Our homes may normally be sanctuaries where we relax and sleep, but now they have also become our primary places of work, study, play, exercise, creativity and caring for others.
People are now waking up to the idea that our built environment can impact our health, but long before the pandemic, research indicated that external and environmental factors (not genetics) may be responsible for 80–90% of our disease risks. In our GWI research report Build Well To Live Well, we articulate the strong case for a healthy built environment and wellness real estate. 
READ MORE about how to build healthier homes and communities.


Study:  Childhood Diet Has Lifelong Impact

A new study (on mice) by UC Riverside found that eating too much sugar and fat in childhood can alter microbiomes for life, even if you eat healthier later in life. An early-life Western diet led to a significant decrease in the total number and diversity of gut bacteria, and while regular exercise positively impacted gut bacteria, a bad early-life diet had more long-lasting effects on the microbiome than early-life exercise. The researchers summarized: “You’re not only what you eat, but what you ate as a child.”



GWI Launches Sleep Initiative

Insufficient sleep (quantity and quality) is a global health epidemic that has serious public health and economic costs. To help tackle this crisis, the GWI has launched a Sleep Initiative, which will uncover the evidence-based strategies that contribute to restorative sleep and how to incorporate these into lifestyles, homes and hotels.

The Initiative is co-chaired by Allison Howard, founder and CEO of Nollapelli, and Francisco Levine, chief business officer of Bryte Labs—and members include Michael J. Breus, PhD; Param Dedhia MD, Canyon Ranch; Thom Downing, athletic trainer; Tammy Pahel VP, Spa & Wellness, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort; Dr. Rebecca Robbins, Harvard Medical School; and JD Velilla, Sr. Director, Sleep Experience & Technology, Tuft & Needle.  


Must-Reads from The Wellness World


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57% of people have experienced COVID-19-related adversity or trauma. 

Source: Sapien Labs survey of 49,000 adults in eight countries, March 2021

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