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The Comfort Zone
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Hostel Review - Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof
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The Comfort Zone
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It's obvious that I love to travel - and travel rarely brings me out of my comfort zone.  I look forward to the adventure, and although I may be a bit anxious before I visit a new place, I am usually comfortable once I am there.  
I am comfortable talking and writing about my travels.  I am always glad to give advice to other travelers (sometimes too much, sorry).  I love helping you to plan your trips.  
Where I am uncomfortable, is in asking for your help and support. I don't want to push; I don't want to bother. I want you to just catch my enthusiasm automatically so you share the newsletter or a special post with your friends. I want you to start thinking about including more travel in your life. (If you do want to help, keep reading the posts and sharing them with your friends. Or visit my product recommendations pages).
When I have gone outside my comfort zone - designing an ad for Ravelry, posting there about my tour - I have been rewarded more than I could have imagined.  When I am bold enough to talk about my site and business to friends or strangers, I get a warm response.  
Do you need to step out of your comfort zone? What is holding you back from a more fulfilling life?  Would you like to travel more?  Take a step today toward planning your next trip. It may be uncomfortable at first, but you will be rewarded.  
Enjoy the posts this week. Share the newsletter with your family and friends! If you are reading your friend's newsletter, you can sign up for your own here.  
Quote of the Week - 22 July 2016

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

– Neale Donald Walsch

This Week's Post:

Hostile Review - Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof

A great base for hiking in the Alps is the town of Interlaken, Switzerland.  The small town is home to a little over 5000 people, many of whom are employed in a occupation that is related to tourism.  Tourism is active throughout the year.  Hiking, hang-gliding and canyoning are popular in the summer, while skiing draws many visitors during the winter.

Among travelers, Switzerland, in general, is known as an expensive place to visit. A quick look on TripAdvisor shows the least expensive of 40 hotels in Interlaken charges $200 per night – the most expensive one, over $750. However, there are ways to keep the costs down.  In Interlaken, one way...

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From the Archives:
Beating Jetlag

Are you planning a trip to Europe?  One of your biggest concerns may be how to deal with jetlag.  Following these tricks will make it all but disappear.

I find it much more important to be awake and energetic when I arrive at my destination, than when I get home – and to me, it is much easier.  I have little trouble with jetlag when I get to Europe, but it takes me a week to get back to normal after I arrive home.

Flying for eight or more hours is physically exhausting.  For a couple of days before your flight, eat healthy meals – avoid greasy fried foods, sugary snacks and alcohol; minimize caffeine.  Drink plenty of water.

Going to bed earlier than usual...

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