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Are You Hungry?
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I must be hungry - and you will be, too, after looking at the pictures in this newsletter.  
Trying new foods is one of the most enjoyable parts of learning about a new culture.  Sometimes the "new" foods aren't that different than ones we eat at home.  Italian pasta dishes have become commonplace in many American homes.  
Other dishes are less common - duck is a staple on menus in France.  Have you ever cooked a duck? It tastes similar to chicken. 
Some foods are familiar - just eaten differently, like "lunch meat" for breakfast.  
And other foods, you might not even want to try - eel, anchovies, or sauerkraut.
Be brave. As Michener encourages, sample the food, customs, religion and people.  If you do, you will taste foods that you will never forget.  You will meet people that become lifelong friends.  You will experience customs and religion that add more meaning to your own.  You will become a traveler.
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Quote of the Week - 17 June 2016

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay home.”

― James A. Michener

This Week's Post:

Planning Your Lodging - Deciding and Booking

Booking lodging on your own can be a bit overwhelming the first time you do it.  In the States, I tend to look at my favorite chain of hotels, but in Europe, this chain has only a few hotels.  Besides, I like to stay at a place that is more, well, European. I’ll walk you through my process of deciding and booking.

I am planning a trip where I will split my time between Paris and Amsterdam, spending three nights in each city.  I need to find lodging in these two areas. The best place to start is by using the internet or travel guide books – I will consult both. In addition, I’ll look at some review sites to see...

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From the Archives:
My Favorite European Food

In my travels, several of the meals that I have eaten stand out as favorites.    Each of the meals I've highlighted below was one that may have been served at a traditional dinner or just for a weekday meal.

Travel enthusiasts encourage people to eat the local specialties - and I agree.  You can eat a hamburger almost anywhere, but why not try what the people living down the street might eat?


Breakfast - German breakfasts include hard rolls, with jam or meat and cheese.  I wish we could get these rolls around here – they are a great way to start the day.  Germans make several varieties of delicious...

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Flights are cheaper than they've been in a long time. Now is a great time to go to Paris!

Paris is my favorite city in Europe and I’d love to share it with you.   I’ve arranged a tour, and would love for you to join me.   We will visit many of the highlights of Paris, along with yarn and fabric shops...

10 Day Tour of Paris

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