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Discovering Arles, France
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The Road Less Traveled
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The archive post that I've included this week is the one I wrote after the attacks in Paris last November.  Since that time, there have been attacks in Brussels, Munich, Nice, Istanbul and other places.  People wonder if it is safe to travel.  
I believe, as I did in November, that we should continue to travel. Travel brings people closer together. It enables strangers to become friends.  It encourages camaraderie and union between cultures and countries.  
Robert Frost encourages us to take the road less traveled. The less-traveled road is one that uses caution, but shows no fear. The less-traveled road leads to new adventures and experiences. On the less-traveled road you will meet people who, although they may be different, are still like you in many ways. 
Whether you take the road less traveled or the just see the popular tourist destinations, you will always learn something about the country you are visiting and the people who call that country home. 
The world keeps getting smaller; travel is becoming easier. Don't let the opportunity pass you by - start planning your next journey today.
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Quote of the Week - 29 July 2016

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.”
– Robert Frost

This Week's Post:

Discovering Arles, France

On our way to Avignon, my daughter and I spent some time in the small city of Arles, France.  We enjoyed it so much, that we never made it to Avignon.  I’ll admit, we hadn’t budgeted much time for either city – we will definitely have to go back to the area!

Arles is located in southern France in the area known as Provence.  The Rhone River flows through the city on its way to the Mediterranean Sea.  Its proximity to the sea ensures nice weather for much of the year.  Nimes and Avignon, larger cities, but with a similar feel, are 20 to 25 miles to the north.  The southern edge of Arles borders...

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From the Archives:
Thoughts on the Paris Attacks

At church Sunday morning, a friend asked me if I would want to go to Paris now.  We changed the subject before I was able to answer, so I will answer here.

Do I want to go to Paris?  In a word, yes.  As I’ve said before, Paris is my favorite international city.  I will continue to visit whenever I can.

Yet, when a city like Paris experiences a horrible terrorist attack, it makes me think.  The latest reports tell us that there were at least six different attacks in the city and over 120 people lost their lives.

When our country was attacked on September 11, 2001, many people...

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