This week we have a tool that goes full Marie Kondo and declutters your menu bar. 

We also have a fun way to visualise how much strain your Mac is under with cat animations and a tool that makes it easier to manage file uploads.

Hidden Menu Bar - clean up your menu bar

Get a cleaner looking menu bar with Hidden Menu Bar

How many icons do you have in your menu bar? And how many icons do you actually use regularly? The number of icons you are using is probably lower than the total in your menu bar. 

This little tool allows you to group icons you don’t use that often and hide them from sight. They are still there but hidden until you need them.

What we like
  • Drag and drop to position where you would like the icons to be hidden
  • Decide on what is still shown
  • Auto-hide after a set period

Read more about Hidden Menu Bar


📣 Stream - real-time chat in less time

Stream enables you to rapidly ship in-app messaging with highly reliable chat infrastructure and feature-rich SDKs.

With better chat, you can improve your overall in-app conversion, engagement, and retention. 

Try Stream for free today

RunCat - the cat that lives in your menu bar

RunCat is a cat that runs in your menu bar. Depending on your CPU usage this cat will speed up or slow down to show you if your Mac is under load. 

So now you can see in a fun way how your Xcode build is taking up all resources.

You can also choose to display system information directly in the menu bar, options include:
  • CPU usage
  • Memory performance
  • Battery state
  • Disk capacity
  • Network connection

What we like
  • Choose your animation (we picked ‘push-up’)
  • Quick access to detailed information
  • Select what to show or hide in the menu bar
Read more about RunCat


Uploadcare - all in one

Uploadcare is storage, image processing and CDN all in one.

Uploading files can be enormously frustrating. You have to make sure it’s the right format, manipulate it, convert it if needed and be able to deliver it back worldwide in a high-performance way. 

Uploadcare recognised this problem and built its own solution. This platform does complete file handling for images, videos, and documents.

Some key features:
What we like
  • Free tier
  • Powerful processing capabilities
  • 3 CDN providers, so no single point of failure

Read more about Uploadcare


Porcupine - wake word detection

Hey Siri?! Hey Alexa?! Hey Google?! These are all wake-up words to activate your devices. These days we find them in our homes, cars, and even in shops. Talking to devices without physically touching them is on the rise.

Porcupine is an always-listening tool that allows detection for specific words. For example, you want to create a cooking app that allows your users to say “Hey Chef, next page”. 

Porcupine could help you bring this to life. Train it to listen to certain phrases and then integrate it using their mobile SDK.

What we like
  • On-device processing
  • Try it out in the browser
  • Generous free tier for hobby projects (becomes more expensive for larger projects)

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