WebKit underpins a lot of the work we do and now it's transitioned to GitHub.

And this week we are also featuring Mockup World which provides free image resources that might improve your App Store listing. 

Finally, sometimes we need to work on PowerPoint or Google Slides when we wish we could be coding. But, with DeckUI you can write Swift AND work on your slide decks. 

WebKit - the backbone of many apps

On June 23rd, the WebKit project transitioned to Github.

The browser engine developed by Apple was already open source, but only available through Apache’s source code management system (svn).

What we like

  • Although very few people will contribute, it is very interesting to go through the repository and look at how a project like this is built and evolved throughout the year
  • Move to Github with a nice blog post on why
Read more about WebKit here

📣 Mobile DevOps Summit - Enabling App Impact

November 10th 2022

Mobile DevOps Summit 2022 is a one-day, virtual conference powered by Bitrise that brings together over 2500 mobile practitioners and global business leaders to discuss unique challenges faced by mobile teams.

Be part of the conversation where mobile thought leaders and industry experts discuss how they build, test, release, monitor, and collaborate on their mobile apps.

Registration now open

DeckUI - writing slide decks in Xcode

Created by Josh Holtz, this tool lets you create slide decks right in Xcode, using Swift.

Why, you ask? You probably created some slides in Google Slides or Keynote, did you enjoy that?
Probably not. Write up your slides in an environment you are familiar with, and present using Presenter.

It is still very much a WIP, so feel free to contribute and help push this project forward.

What we like

  • Displaying code and being able to navigate through it using arrow keys
  • SwiftUI knowledge is not needed
  • Pure Swift code
Read more about DeckUI here


Bitwarden - the open source password manager

Highly secure passwords are a no-brainer, sharing them often isn’t. We already have password managers, but not many of them open source their projects.

Bitwarden is a password manager like LastPass or 1Password, having mobile apps/browser extensions/desktop apps. But with the big exception, you can also contribute!

As a Lastpass user, I have often thought “Man… I wish they would change this little thing”, with Bitwarden you can actually change that little thing.

What we like

  • All clients are open sourced
  • Free personal plan (1 person)
  • Extensions for all major browsers
Read more about Bitwarden here

Mockup World - free photo-realistic device mockups

You can spend a long time building a beautiful app, but if you don’t present it in an equally beautiful way, people are going to drop off.

Mockup World is here to help with that. It contains a collection of free image resources for you to showcase what you have built.

A hand holding an iPhone, iPad laying on a desk, an Apple watch...

There are many different options available to make sure you have a perfect App Store listing.

What we like

  • PSD files
  • Not limited to physical devices, you also have posters, frames, packaging
  • Resources from actual marketing agencies
Read more about Mockup World here

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