If you’ve ever had to manually resolve conflicts in your .pbxproj files, then you know what despair feels like.

This week, we’re featuring Kintsugi which helps you resolve this with a little less pain.

Kintsugi - resolving conflicts

Kintsugi resolves your .pbxproj merge conflicts
This tool aims to make that exact problem a little easier. It uses diff capability to extract changes, and your project file editing capability to re-apply the changes.

What we like
  • It resets your conflicts and re-applies your changes
  • Automatic resolver when conflicts occur
  • One clear goal: do one thing well, and work 99.9% of the time
More on what we think about Kintsugi

Bitrise - mobile DevOps with virtualized M1s

Bitrise - the mobile DevOps platform - now has Apple Silicon based M1 virtualized machines available for iOS CI/CD.

This means iOS developers can benefit from the performance of Apple Silicon hardware combined with the reliability of clean builds and short-lived ephemeral VMs.

Bitrise optimize for speed, stability, and extensibility to ensure you can build your apps quickly and efficiently. And now, Bitrise enables developers to be ready for the iOS features that can only be leveraged with Apple Silicon.

Thank you to Bitrise for sponsoring this week’s newsletter.

Multiliner - expand long lines

Multiliner is an Xcode source extension for expanding long lines
The caption says it all, it expands long lines -enough said!

Multiliner is capable of expanding:
  • Initializers
  • Function calls
  • Array literals
  • SwiftUI modifiers
What we like
  • Lightweight
  • Keybinding option available
More on what we think about Multiliner

Qonversion - in-app subscriptions

Qonversion is an in-app subscriptions tool that helps you drive revenue growth.
Qonversion is a tool that is an alternative to tools like RevenueCat. Its goal is to make in-app subscriptions across platforms easier to implement and manage. It handles everything from Apple’s StoreKit to customer support.

What we like
  • Cross-platform: It is really important to have one unified platform that works for Android and iOS, but also has web capability. In this case, Stripe is an option provided by Qonversion.
  • Automation: Sending in-app notifications on subscription events is a very good way of triggering your users to subscribe or re-consider during their journey.
More on what we think about Qonversion

App Store Connect Swift SDK

In 2018 Apple provided us with an App Store Connect API, allowsing us to manage apps, and Testflight users, create code signing resources, download reports or even manage our organisation.
Antoine van der Lee - aka SwiftLee - made App Store Connect Swift SDK to make consuming that API a little easier.

What we like
  • A solid list of 35 contributors
  • Support for all API requests
More on what we think about App Store Connect Swift SDK

Is Paw the best API client for iOS developers?

Paw gets a lot of love so we scoured the internet to find the good and the bad as well as do a quick demo.

This is our first video so we’d appreciate any feedback.
Is Paw the best API client for iOS Developers?

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