This week we’re featuring Quicktype - it can save you time and make your code safer by generating type-safe Swift or Objective C from API sample responses. Then if the API changes, you can easily re-generate your code.

We’re also featuring Airbnb’s Swift style guide - a really comprehensive resource that could help your team a lot.

Warp - fast, rust based terminal

Warp is a fast, rust-based terminal
Make a terminal feel like a code-editor. This (for now) macOS only terminal is written from the ground up using Rust. This means it’s fully native and should be fast, or as they claim it “blazingly fast”. Out of the box Warp works with zsh, fish and bash for backwards compatibility.

What we like
  • No web technology used
  • Cursor pointing
  • A.I. search command to convert natural language to shell commands
More on what we think about Warp

Bitrise - mobile DevOps with virtualized M1s

Bitrise - the mobile DevOps platform - now has Apple Silicon based M1 virtualized machines available for iOS CI/CD.

This means iOS developers can benefit from the performance of Apple Silicon hardware combined with the reliability of clean builds and short-lived ephemeral VMs.

Bitrise optimize for speed, stability, and extensibility to ensure you can build your apps quickly and efficiently. And now, Bitrise enables developers to be ready for the iOS features that can only be leveraged with Apple Silicon.

Thank you to Bitrise for sponsoring this week’s newsletter.

Airbnb's Swift Style Guide - code conventions

Airbnb is a well-known open source contributor and a company with a large number of developers. Can you imagine if they all had their own separate coding conventions?!
This styling guide builds on top of the official Swift API Design Guidelines to help teams write better, consistent code.

What we like
  • Build in addition to the official Swift API Design Guidelines, not as a replacement
  • Airbnb is a long-time Open Source contributor. Sharing their knowledge as a large company is really valuable
More on what we think about Airbnb’s Swift Style Guide

Quicktype - JSON to typesafe code

Quicktype lets you convert JSON into typesafe code in any language.
Generate models and serializers from JSON, schema, and GraphQL for working with data quickly & safely in any programming language.

What we like
  • Keep models consistent across your stack
  • Online tool for quick and easy testing, CLI for in-project generation
Read more on what we think of Quicktype

MailSlurp - Swift email client

MailSlurp is a well-known API service that allows developers to build and test email-related functionality. This is mostly used for QA and code tests. Create inboxes on the fly, send and receive emails, webhooks, attachments and much more.

What we like
  • Consistent API across multiple platforms
  • Good documentation
  • Developer experience focused
More on what we think about MailSlurp

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