This week we are serving up a Christmas theme coding tutorial using Stream. We call it Winter Wonder Chat 🎄

We're also featuring an open source data tracking tool, the most impressive AI tool out there, some SwiftUI animations, and how to execute commands straight from the README.

Posthog - alternative to Mixpanel

PostHog is an open source alternative to Mixpanel's product analytics tool. But also an alternative to HotJar's session recording, and Launch Darkly's A/B testing. It's an all in one product tool.

What we like:

  • PostHog's transparent culture. Even salaries are transparent.
  • It's really expensive to have a full suite of multiple subscriptions. Combining them in one with PostHog is exciting.

Christmas themed chat using Stream with SwiftUI

Stream are known for their real-time chat SDK but Stream also maintains an open-source Effects Library.

Effects Library allows you to create particle effects and Stream’s Chat SDK is incredibly customisable so we made a tutorial on how to completely Christmas-ify a chat app:

  • Santa dancing with snow particles overlay
  • Candy cane read receipts
  • Custom Santa send button

Check out the full tutorial


Open Al's GPT-3 API - data API

Open Al's GPT-3 API, everyone is talking about Open AI at the moment..
A lot of this discussion is around new business models. But there are opportunities to improve your workflows too. For example, we recently used the API to summarise lots of data (

What we like:

  • Multiple models to choose from
  • Nice examples of prompts
  • Interactive playground for testing

Pow - SwiftUI transitions that make your app shine

Animations give that little extra to your apps, but can be a hassle to get exactly right. Pow is here to assist you with this. This SDK allows you to easily add animations to your SwiftUI apps.

What we like:

  • 20+ Animations to use
  • SwiftUI - fully native
  • Easy-to-use syntax

runme - execute commands directly from a README

Setting up an existing codebase often starts with going through a README and copying/pasting the setup commands. Stateful’s runme aims to make this a little easier. This small tool allows you to run commands straight from markdown files. Currently, in alpha, it allows you to explore and run commands that are defined in code blocks.

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