This week we’re featuring Zigi, a tool that helps you spend more time coding by acting as a developer’s assistant for non-coding tasks. We’re also featuring a tool for referencing SwiftUI components. Plus a tool to help you improve testing. And finally, some paywall inspo!

📣 Some bonus content 📣 We compiled a list of all our tools & we have a new video up! - developer's assistant for non-coding tasks

During your day, how many notifications do you get? How many random tickets do you get assigned? How many meetings do you have? aims to reduce all that noise by connecting straight into your tools like Github, Jira, calendar, Bitbucket (and more to come). From this it will be able to  perform mundane tasks for you like:

  • Identifying stuck PRs
  • Reminding teammates to review your PRs
  • Alert your team leader when you are overloaded

What we like

  • Free for individual developers
  • ISO 27001/27017 & Soc 2 Type 2 certified, and GDPR compliant
  • Slack to manage actions

📣 Mobile DevOps Summit - Enabling App Impact

November 10th 2022

Mobile DevOps Summit 2022 is a one-day, virtual conference powered by Bitrise that brings together over 2500 mobile practitioners and global business leaders to discuss unique challenges faced by mobile teams.

Be part of the conversation where mobile thought leaders and industry experts discuss how they build, test, release, monitor, and collaborate on their mobile apps.

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Awesome iOS Dev Tools - 1,000+ iOS Dev Tools List

Over the years we gathered a lot of tools, and we want to make searching through them easier & more accessible for everyone. So we compiled a list with every tool we have and made it open-source!

If you like it please give it a ⭐️ and share with friends and co-workers 💙


Libraried - SwiftUI components in action

SwiftUI has an ever growing set of components and modifiers, and remembering them all is a tough job. To help you out, SwiftDev_UI created an iOS app that can be used as a quick reference.

See a list of SwiftUI components, tap to expand, and apply modifiers.

The app is aimed at new SwiftUI developers, but also designers that need to see how components fit into their designs.

V1 is free, but there are talks to make it a paid app, so get it while it’s free ;)

What we like

  • Apply modifiers
  • View and copy code to be used in your code
  • Easy to use and navigate, simple but effective UX/UI! - app quality monitor

During development, sometimes functionality unrelated to the code you just wrote breaks.

But how do you catch this? With testing! But often testing is overlooked, non-maintained or even just non-existent in smaller companies. developed a platform that ties directly into your version control system to run analysis on every PR you open.

Using Maestro, a UI testing framework, you can write descriptive flows that will automatically run through your app and validate functionality. This is what they call a “Flow”.

With every Flow, you will get insights on crashes, performance, app size, and memory. If a PR is not up to standard it will block it and inform the author.

What we like

  • You can run flows locally in a sim
  • View the result in the form of a screen recording
  • Maestro is an easy-to-learn and use descriptive language

paywallscreens - paywall inspiration to boost your profits

Convincing users to pay for your app is a big challenge, especially with a badly designed paywall. Paywallscreens keeps track of thousands of paywalls, across the most popular apps to give you the inspiration you need.

What we like

  • Created and maintained by Superwall
  • Search on name or filter by a category
  • Up to date

The Arc Browser - Your next default browser?

This new kid on the block is taking on the browser giants like Google Chrome and Safari to become your default browser. Introducing features like drawing boards, command centres, extensions and much more.

Check out our video on what we think, and what its most impressive features are 👇
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