Most of us use Google Docs's real-time features every day but as developers, we rarely write code in a real-time collaborative way.

This week we're featuring Codeshare who have set out to make real-time code sharing easy. - free real-time code sharing is a free-to-use platform that allows for easy real-time code sharing. Open up a code editor and share it with your colleagues or students. With support for over 50+ languages, it should cover all your needs. Some of its example usages include: debugging with co-workers, creating temporary interview coding tasks or teaching students.

Created by leemunroe & tjmehta.

What we like

  • Easy of use: just share a code to get started
  • All major languages supported
  • No limit on viewers (as far as we can tell)

Pexels - royalty free images and video

This platform is one of our favourite asset resources out there. You know the feeling of finding that one perfect image, just to have it linked to ShutterStock and a paywall? Pexels saves you that headache! Creators allow you to use their content without any royalties, hidden attribution links. It has a huge collection for both images and videos, just search and download.

What we like

  • Huge library
  • Excellent search and find
  • Follow your favourite creators

Ducky Model Editor - infer models from JSON

If you are working with an API and looking to save some time building your models, Ducky Model Editor could be the tool for you. Built-in SwiftUI this tool takes your JSON documents and infers useable models from them. In short: if you have a JSON that describes e.g. a “UserPost” it will read it out and give you the full model with types to be copy pasted directly into your code.

What we like

  • Support for Swift, Kotlin, Dart and Go
  • Add Protocol Types like Codable
  • Map JSON keys to property names

FengNiao - remove those unused resources

Do any of your projects contain images that aren’t actually used? Probably yes, if you think about it. FengNiao finds and deletes those unused images, and keeps your codebase nice and clean. Created by onevcat.

What we like

  • Usage with Xcode build phases
  • Livestream videos available on how this tool was created
  • FengNiao means Hummingbird in Chinese

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