If you’re in a rush but you’d like to promote a new feature in your app, you could do worse than use Apple’s tool for auto-generating promotional assets for any app.

We’re also featuring a tool for finding screen sizes and a new HTTP client that’s taking on the big players.

Apple Media Services - marketing tools by Apple

Apple Media Services is a well-hidden service that only recently caught our attention (thanks @FloWritesCode!). This tool by Apple lets you create a couple of things to make promoting your app easier cross-platform. It all starts by searching your App Store published apps. When you select the app, it will auto-generate some assets for you!

Features include

  • Create marketing assets
    • 4 different types of image styles with your logo on them
    • Language options
    • 5 different sizes
  • Link generation (short and content links)
  • App icons
  • QR Code & badge icons

What we like

  • Language selection
  • QR code with icon and colour options
  • Short link generation

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Be part of the conversation where mobile thought leaders and industry experts discuss how they build, test, release, monitor, and collaborate on their mobile apps.

Registration now open - never google an iPhone resolution again brings all iPhone resolutions together in one place. But there is more to this tool than the name suggests.

In addition to the history of all Apple products (with a screen), it also gives you information like:

  • Launch date
  • Supported iOS version
  • Aspect ratio
  • Size of the status bar or keyboard

What we like

  • Easy to navigate and elegant design
  • OS support chart
  • Guides on icons / Store images
  • Supported features (Face ID, LiDar, …)


ApiScout - HTTP Client built for developers by developers

ApiScout was created by Ruslan, the creator of the well-loved It's a HTTP Client tool, that is currently in beta (and also free). It is designed to be your one-stop environment for building, testing and describing REST API’s. Competing with Paw or Postman is not an easy task and will pose quite a challenge. 

Some of ApiScout’s features include

  • Dynamic values (taking values from previous responses/env variables etc.)
  • Chaining requests
  • Cookie manager
  • JSON Editor

What we like

  • It's early days for this product, but it is always cool to see an Indie Dev - especially one as talented as Ruslan - taking on larger companies like Postman!

Sourcery Pro - stop writing the same code over and over again

Sourcery Pro is an Xcode extension with the ability to automate common Swift programming tasks. It lets you automate repetitive code patterns, for example, Codable support for enums, generate SwiftUI from a struct, Composable Architecture boilerplate etc.

It comes bundled with 14 starting templates and has a Template editor built-in with code completion, inline documentation and error checking. It has been used in companies like Airbnb, Bumble and The New York Times - so it might be worth checking out!

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