We love indie iOS developers building tools for other iOS developers.

ReMafoX is a brand-new localisation tool built by indie iOS developer Cihat Gündüz. We’re also featuring an automation tool from Meta and pull requests as a service. Yes, this now exists. The days of “LGTM” may be over.

ReMafoX - App localisation made easier

ReMaFox was just released and helps you manage & streamline your apps’ localisation process. Keeping track of your translation files is not easy, you misplace keys, you forget keys, etc.

This indie developer aims to reduce time spent on translations and increase time writing code. In the coming months, features like Google Translate and Fastlane support are also to come. You can check out some of its roadmap here.

What we like

  • Auto-translate using DeepL
  • Create translations in Swift file and auto-replaces with right key
  • Linting for empty or duplicates

Facebook idb - CLI for automating iOS simulators and devices

idb or “iOS Development Bridge” is a CLI from Meta (Facebook) that helps scale up your automation, with three main goals:

  • Remote automation: Create workflows like a “Device Lab”
  • Simple Primitives: Create sequences of workflows
  • Exposing missing functionality: features Xcode hides from users are exposed through idb

What we like

  • Great intro video here (from min. 26)
  • Excellent documentation

PullRequest - Code reviews as a service

Do you often find pull requests being blocked because your co-workers don’t have the time to review it? PullRequest outsources reviewing your code! Create a pull request and get reviewed by engineers outside of the company, engineer-reviews on demand basically.

What we like

  • Support for Gitlab, BitBucket and Github
  • 8 languages supported
  • Make some extra money becoming a reviewer

Hotpot - A creative helper helps you create professional graphics and images. AI tools allow experts and non-designers to spark creativity and automate tasks while attractive, easy-to-edit templates empower anyone to create device mockups, social media posts, marketing images, app icons, and other work graphics.

What we like

  • Directly edit templates
  • Templates in all formats: social media, app stores, assets
  • Supports Ghana, Nigeria and other developing nations with the profits

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