If you’ve been watching Obi Wan on Disney+, you may have an urge to unleash the force. This week, we have the tool just for you.

Raycast is like the built-in Spotlight search on steroids and does a ton of useful things. For instance, diff checking, searching brew or killing your processes. But also, you can turn your cursor into a lightsaber.

We review a lot of tools each week but Raycast has won our hearts. And it’s free for individuals.

Typora - markdown editor

Typora is a markdown editor that doesn’t take half of your screen to preview.
Typora lets you type your markdown and get an instant preview in the editor. No more “Preview” buttons or small editor windows because you’re trying to fit your file and preview on the same screen.

What we like
  • Instant preview
  • Import or export to PDF / docx
  • Focus & TypeWriter Mode
  • Custom themes
  • 15 day free trial

InfluxDB - time series database

InfluxDB is a high performance time series data platform.
Say what now…? Let’s say you’re developing an application that is in need to store a lot of data-points related to time. For instance, stock prices. A time series database will make your life easier and let you query those data points in an efficient manner. InfluxDB is one of the leaders in modern time series databases.

What we like
  • Fully optimised for time series data
  • Dedicated Swift SDK
  • Performance
  • Can run on AWS, GCP or Azure

Raycast - extendable launcher

Raycast is an extendable launcher that you can keep extending.
Browse through Notion or Xcode, search and edit issues in Linear / Jira / Trello, diff checker for text, prevent your Mac from going to sleep, search files, search brew, kill processes, search StackOverflow.

Or yes, even turn your cursor into a lightsaber (with sound effects).
Launching a lightsaber with Raycast
Launching a lightsaber with Raycast
What we like
  • By default a lot of useful commands are available (window resizing, search system preferences, …)
  • Open source
  • A lot, and I mean a LOT of extensions
  • Snappy

Pop - pair programming tool

Pop is a screen-sharing audio/video tool that allows you to work in pairs with your code-writing comrades.

What we like
  • Remote pair-programming made easier
  • Free while it is in beta
  • Whiteboard
  • Drawing and click features

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💬 Ryan Jones, founder of Flightyapp

Ryan is the founder and CEO of Flighty App which brings pilot-grade flight tracking to all travellers.
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones

What is your favourite developer tool and why?
If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m super picky… I’ve stared at this question for a day, and honestly I don’t really love any tool right now.
I’m frustrated that there’s no Discussions + Task Tracking + Wiki tool where we can get “all” our work done. For example, working out a problems before it’s fully shaped in a create Discussion board. Then executing on them with Task Tracking. And then documentation after the fact.
Craft could be close. They do a lot of tiny things right, like strikethrough completed tasks, highlighting text, and solid iOS app. But the image layout limits are brutal for iOS screenshots and comments can’t contain images which kills feedback and creative discussions. I hope they’ll get there within a year or so, but I stand by the fact that I’m too picky to call it my favorite. ;)

What’s one tool you wish you had used sooner?
The built-in Text Shortcuts in macOS/iOS!
Because it works natively within auto-correct and syncs between iOS and macOS. It allows me to “write” long thoughtful replies even on mobile. I use it for common links, replies to users, symbols, asking for more info, and hard-to-remember numbers. Here are some favorites.
/cal is the URL to book a meeting on my calendar
/zoom is my meeting room URL
/fl is the URL to Flighty =
-> is → , <- is ←, /= is ≠, ~= is ≈, <-> is ↔, >> is 􀯻, << is 􀯶, /check is ✓, /xx is ✗, /apple is 
/report = I see. For deeper issues like this, we need to triage via our support email. If you can send a detailed summary and applicable screenshots via Settings > Help > Problem, then we can assign an engineer and follow up with you. 🙏”
/when = When do you want this? How would you use it? What do you do today instead? 
/review = If you can spare a minute, it would be super helpful if you could leave an app review. Other people read them to see if the app is worth download. Quick Link:

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