We love open source.

We don’t love developer AWS keys being used by hackers to mine crypto.

Arkana is open source and might make your app’s env variables a little bit more protected from hackers. Plus Arkana is being built by a core contributor to Fastlane.

That’s why we’re curious about Arkana this week.

Arkana - open source security

Arkana helps you store your keys and secrets away from your source code.
This CLI tool was created by Roger Oba uses code generation to expose secrets to your app. During Arkana runtime, not app runtime, your env vars are fetched and encoded and the source code is generated using those provided keys. This makes reading secrets in plain text a lot more difficult for attackers to do so in your app’s binary.

What we like
  • No more plain text secrets in binary’s
  • CLI tool, not a CocoaPods dependency
More on what we think about Arkana


Bitrise - mobile DevOps with virtualized M1s

Bitrise - the mobile DevOps platform - now has Apple Silicon based M1 virtualized machines available for iOS CI/CD.

This means iOS developers can benefit from the performance of Apple Silicon hardware combined with the reliability of clean builds and short-lived ephemeral VMs.

Bitrise optimize for speed, stability, and extensibility to ensure you can build your apps quickly and efficiently. And now, Bitrise enables developers to be ready for the iOS features that can only be leveraged with Apple Silicon.

Thank you to Bitrise for sponsoring this week’s newsletter.

Matrix - open source secure comms

Matrix provides secure, decentralised real-time communication.
Based on the Matrix open standard this non-profit aims to bring secure real-time communication to your app. Matrix allows for messaging with group conversations, notifications, online-status, WebRTC VoIP/Video calling all while being decentralised and fully encrypted.
There is also an open source iOS client

What we like
  • Maintained by a non-profit
  • Bridging between multiple communication platforms (Slack to Skype for example)
  • Decentralised and secure
More on what we think about Matrix

NeoPOP - recently open-sourced UI framework

NeoPOP is a recently open-sourced UI Framework that gives your app that extra shiny edge.

CRED, the company behind NeoPOP, created it with the goal of “making every aesthetically crafted experience work like magic, at peak performance.”.

At the moment the iOS package only has 2 components: PopView and PopButton. These components give that flat 3D feeling, to make those buttons POP. So one to look out for and in the meantime, you could use it to give your app that little extra

What we like
  • The Design Manifesto. NeoPOP for now is a very small package, which only provides a limited benefit to your app. The real value now lives inside their knowledge of how to create a beautiful design.
Read more on what we think of NeoPOP

DeepLinkr - deep link management

DeepLinkr lets you manage all your deep and universal links in 1 place.
DeepLinkr allows easy management of all your deep and universal links in 1 place and testing them against your simulators. You can launch deep links from within this tool on any running simulator.

What we like
  • Share it with your team
  • QR code generation to easily scan on physical devices
  • Pro version support Apple App Site Association
  • It’s built by this week’s interview guest Aryaman (below)
More on what we think about DeepLinkr

💬 Aryaman Sharda - Staff iOS Engineer at Turo

Aryaman has been making iOS apps since 2015 and currently works as a Staff iOS Engineer at Turo. Aryaman also spends his nights and weekends working on his weekly newsletter Indie Watch - which features promising indie iOS developers and their apps.
Aryaman Sharda
Aryaman Sharda

What is your favourite developer tool and why?
My current favorite developer tool is Proxyman. It enables developers to capture, inspect, and manipulate HTTP(s) requests/responses with ease. This is the developer tool I use most frequently and it has really helped me streamline my development workflow.

What’s one tool you wish you had used sooner?
I wish I had started using SwiftGen earlier - it’s a code generator for your assets, storyboards etc. that helps you work with String-based APIs more easily. Adding a tool like this to your project always comes with a level of risk, but the improved readability and maintainability make the trade-off worthwhile to me.

Continue reading the full interview here

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