This week we’re featuring Rive, which is aiming to knock Lottie off the throne for animation.

If a piece of code doesn’t spark joy - or at least do something - Periphery will go full Marie Kondo and clean up your unused code for you.

Rive - Interactive graphic for every platform

Rive wants to become the new standard for interactive graphics. Directly challenging Lottie Animations, they claim to be faster, smoother, and tinier in size.

Next to being able to run animations on all platforms, they also have the Rive Editor. This is an online animation tool that allows you to create beautiful animations. We recommend having a scroll through their Twitter to see what is possible.

What we like

  • Comparisons against Lottie place it as a clear winner
  • SDKs for every platform you would need
  • Rive Editor takes some learning but offers great functionality (even for non-designers).

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Awesome iOS Dev Tools - 1,000+ iOS Dev Tools List

Over the years we gathered a lot of tools, and we want to make searching through them easier & more accessible for everyone. So we compiled a list with every tool we have and made it open-source!

If you like it please give it a ⭐️ and share with friends and co-workers 💙


Periphery - The destroyer of codes

Maintaining a large, clean codebase is hard. With new features, updates, and refactors you end up with code you will never use again. Periphery analyses your codebase to identify unused code and help you keep your code squeaky clean.

What we like

  • 10 types of declarations that it can identify (class, struct, function,…)
  • Xcode integration
  • CI integration

Gosh Darn Format Style - Converting types to strings

Do you have any idea how many format styles are available? Neither do we at this point! Apple’s documentation on this subject is a nightmare and doesn’t allow for quick searching. So this developer decided to create a tool that makes life a bit easier.

Find your base type with Gosh Darn Format Style and quickly get the format styles available to you.

What we like

  • If you like a bit more cursing, go here
  • Start by choosing your base type
  • Code and result examples for every format

Habitica - Gamify your productivity

What if I told you that working through that long list of tasks could be fun? Habitica is a free productivity app that sees your tasks as a game. Track your goals and get rewards when you check off your tasks. Build out your in game character and when you have some downtime: Battle monsters with your friends.

What we like

  • A fun way for progress tracking
  • Open source
  • API available to developers

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