As AI advances, it’s cool to see the rise of tools like GitHub copilot that help us work more efficiently.

This week’s list of tools includes Codeball - a tool that reviews pull requests with AI.

Codeball - AI code review

If you’ve ever approved a PR after quickly scrolling through it, raise your hand 🙋‍♂️
Codeball believe humans are flawed and easily look over mistakes in pull requests. Their AI review tool aims to review your code and predict if it can be approved or not. They are still in beta at the moment, but it could be fun to try out.

What we like
  • First responses from the community look great
  • Free tier for Open Source projects
  • Easy to try out. if it works for you, you saved your team tons of time
More on what we think about Codeball

Bitrise - mobile DevOps with virtualized M1s

Bitrise - the mobile DevOps platform - now has Apple Silicon based M1 virtualized machines available for iOS CI/CD.

This means iOS developers can benefit from the performance of Apple Silicon hardware combined with the reliability of clean builds and short-lived ephemeral VMs.

Bitrise optimize for speed, stability, and extensibility to ensure you can build your apps quickly and efficiently. And now, Bitrise enables developers to be ready for the iOS features that can only be leveraged with Apple Silicon.
Thank you to Bitrise for sponsoring this week’s newsletter.

XCSnippetsApp - iOS Code snippets

The open source code snippet manager for the Swift and iOS community.
With currently almost 200 snippets, this small tool aims to reduce coding time on repetitive code. Getting its code snippets from 6 well-maintained Github sources, it is kept well up to date.

What we like
  • Pulls latest snippets from well-known and used Github sources
  • Add them directly to Xcode
More on what we think about XCSnippetsApp

Effects library - realistic particle animation

Stream effects library is a system that lets you create realistic particle animations
Want to add snow during a Christmas launch? Rain in your weather app? This particle animation library might be of use to you. Developed by Stream, fully open source, it allows you to build your own realistic particle animations or choose from a pre-made set.

What we like
  • Well documented
  • Pre-made set or the option to build your own
Read more on what we think of Effects Library


Virtualbuddy - virtualize macOS 12

Virtualize macOS 12 or later on Apple Silicon. Try out your application on multiple versions of macOS.
Note: The project is still experimental and required an Apple Silicon Mac.

What we like
  • No more installing of beta macOS versions on your working computer
  • Clipboard syncing
More on what we think about Virtualbuddy

💬 Ahbou - iOS developer at Zombies, Run!

Ahbou is a senior iOS engineer at Zombies, Run!
What’s one tool you wish you had used sooner?
It’s the time of iOS betas so I’m really grateful for xcode-install
It’s an Xcode version manager that allows me to switch between versions easily and install new ones.

Your top 5 apps on your Mac/iPhone/iPad?
Github for iOS
Tailscale for mac and iOS
VS Code 
Books app

Continue reading the full interview here

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