Did you know you can be part of the evolution of Swift? Apple are transparent about Swift’s evolution and there is a clear process that we can all engage with.

We also have a tool for localisation, a tool that helps you review your public presence and an open source status page.

Apple Swift Evolution - Swift programming language

Every release of Swift brings a ton of new features. Maybe some breaking changes. But always improvements.

But how do they decide what changes to make? Collectively they gather ideas, insights and experiences from the Swift community, and invite all to participate in making Swift a better programming language. Everyone can make proposals, review ideas, and overall pitch in where they think their knowledge is valuable.

What we like

📣 Mobile DevOps Summit - Enabling App Impact

November 10th 2022

Mobile DevOps Summit 2022 is a one-day, virtual conference powered by Bitrise that brings together over 2500 mobile practitioners and global business leaders to discuss unique challenges faced by mobile teams.

Be part of the conversation where mobile thought leaders and industry experts discuss how they build, test, release, monitor, and collaborate on their mobile apps.

Registration now open

LocalizApp - localisable strings manager

We can probably all agree that localising an app is just a pain in the butt. It can get messy and you need to split it up into smaller chunks - no fun at all.

Enter LocalizApp!

Developed by Dimitri Giani this indie dev created a tool that allows you to manage your strings. In all your languages and the strings, you forgot to translate, edit/delete.

What we like

  • Translate using DeepL (with an API key)
  • View non-translated string with ease
  • It is a small but highly focused tool, 1 problem = 1 solution - upgrade your GitHub Profile

Developers are in-demand on the job market, but we do have to sell ourselves a bit. What do a lot of employers check these days? Your GitHub! Give your GitHub profile page some extra love with an excellent description. generates a nicely laid-out markdown file that you can later copy to your profile. You can add skills, social media URLs, GitHub stats (commits, stars, etc.), descriptions, portfolios, etc.

What we like

  • Makes you think about how you present yourself to the outside developer world
  • Easy to use wizard
  • Add as little or as much as you want to
  • GitHub stats

Statuspage - hosting your status page on GitHub for free

You've probably googled "Slack down" or "Bitbucket status" at some point. Indicating the live status of your services is still something a lot of companies neglect. Statuspage creates a status page for you and hosts it on GitHub for free. Later on, when your service goes down, you can create an issue and update your status page to reflect an outage.

What we like

  • Easy to use CLI
  • Localisation available
  • Currently in Alpha a full automatic GitHub Status page

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