For many of us, the mouse is the last resort when our keyboard skills fall short or it’s not possible.

Wooshy is a brand new tool built for macOS that extends your ability to search and click UI.

iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma by Joey Banks

It’s important to create mock-ups, even your side-projects. This Figma design file contains hundreds of components, templates and demos to get you started.

What we like
  • Focus on components to be re-used where needed
  • Light and Dark variant
  • Clear demo and definitions file for those not familiar with Figma concepts
More on what we think about iOS 16 UI Kit

Bitrise - mobile DevOps with virtualized M1s

Bitrise - the mobile DevOps platform - now has Apple Silicon based M1 virtualized machines available for iOS CI/CD.

This means iOS developers can benefit from the performance of Apple Silicon hardware combined with the reliability of clean builds and short-lived ephemeral VMs.

Bitrise optimize for speed, stability, and extensibility to ensure you can build your apps quickly and efficiently. And now, Bitrise enables developers to be ready for the iOS features that can only be leveraged with Apple Silicon.

Thank you to Bitrise for sponsoring this week’s newsletter.

Wooshy - instant text search on macOS

Ever had someone had to point out the piece of text or button you had to click because you couldn’t find it quick enough?

Wooshy is a brand-new macOS tool that searches your UI and highlights the searched text. Its philosophy is to “avoid navigation”.

What we like
  • Free to use, although limited
  • Clear defined roadmap
  • Multi monitor support
More on what we think about Wooshy

Paw - HTTP client to test & describe your APIs

Created natively for macOS, Paw is an HTTP client that lets you compose requests, inspect responses, generate client code and export API definitions. 

What we like
  • Beautiful designed native app
  • Import and export to Swagger and API Blueprint
  • Chain together your API requests
  • Paw for teams
  • Extensions for Alamofire and NSURLSession

xcinfo - Xcode cli manager

Xcinfo lets you access all information available at and install available Xcode versions from Apple’s Developer Portal.

It also finds and lists installed Xcode applications on the hard drive and you can remove them safely.

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